BUS 302 week 6 discussion

Discuss an organizational leader that has had the most positive influence in your life, and why. Next, explain how this leader approached one (1) of the following:


Building rapport


An organizational leader that has had the most powerful influence in my life is a close friend Eric. Eric is a hands-on business owner of one of the best bakeries in Chicago. I’ve known him for many years; he is honestly an excellent business owner. Eric also demonstrates good care and support for him employees. I Love how he brings the best out of everyone he comes in contact with. I see how him presence and leadership inspire him employees to be their best and strive for greatness. He inspires me to become not only a great business owner but a great woman as well. In my opinion, he approached motivation as a leader; he motivates everyone to be greater but not just for themselves for othims. He continually shows the importance of a kind, selfless leader, he’s never just thinking about what benefits him only but him family, employees and customers and to me, he’s a great representation of a positive organizational leader. I learned so much from him, and I will continue to learn from him.