BUS 302 Week 7 Discussion

Week 7 Discussion

Watch the video titled “Mark Zuckerberg on Team Dynamics” located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjvuq6mf28g. Then express whether or not you agree with Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion on managing team dynamics. Explain whether or not you believe the team dynamics Mark Zuckerberg experienced are unique to only Millennials (Generation Y) or to teams working in the technology field. Provide a rationale for your response.

I agree with Mr. Zucherberg, particularly when launching a brand new enterprise you will find several unknowns or maybe requirements that are anticipated: coming from customers to the construction of departments.

He experienced at first numerous hurdles which some other companies can come across: for example to draw in as well as persuade probably the very best customers to sign up for the team/company.

He communicates the best way to thoroughly use people of extremely brilliant individuals: to make sure they work with a strategic task while making sure they do not feel that this “boss” regulates them but provide them with the proper autonomy. I believe the matter type occurs all of the time. It’s essential to get the assistance through leadership also as for these people to offer tools; It’s likewise crucial once the staff has the perfect individuals doing a task which they additionally add as well as share.

I additionally feel the same as he talked about which utilizing individuals to the capability of theirs and utilizing the period of theirs properly are necessary for achievement.

The first expertise Mr. Zucherberg were living while it pertains to becoming a little staff starting up the company with the own house of theirs, as well as later the practical experience of wanting to employ proficient people as well as hire them effectively, isn’t encountered exclusively with Millennials or even in the tech business. It’s that is happening to many organizations to come down with different industries.