Job Description Paper

Job Description Paper


Bus 303 Human Resources Management (BNM1512B)



Management. Most of us have the experience of managing various tedious situations at various turns in one’s life, but here, in our world we welcome you to the opportunity of managing much more than your life. As the HR of our company, I would like to recruit the best minds who are ready to accept and abide by our terms and conditions, and of course, who are ready to join hands with us in solving a greater problem that affects us, our clients and never the less , the mankind as a whole.

It is very obvious that every field comes with its own set of commands , works, values and responsibilities, but then one should have the cool and reasoning at the time of need. And that comes absolutely from experience. Definitely, there is always a first to every job. So, experience comes after a start in a particular field, and that start comes after a first job.

So, in order to judge your capabilities, management skills and instincts, we take a series of ability tests and interviews from the board of recruiters. A random array of questions will be thrown at you from all the dignitaries present there. Your manner of answering those questions, your impromptu, your assessment of the mindset of our questioning pattern, and various other aspects will be judged as per the field of management you are opting for.

As per our current requirements, we have to recruit an employee in the department of Business Management. As you can well understand the depth and responsibility of the position, the very important practical field skills required is (according to importance of the tasks):

The various basics you need to look after, while into the job, and their pronunciation in the above considered field can be briefly described as follows:

  • Sales and Marketing ,
  • Management of Accounts ,
  • Human Resources,
  • Information Technology.


Marketing refers to not just selling your products but, it hints at creating a proper ‘market’ for the sale of the products, obtaining a good group of customers, planning out ways to make them eager to purchase and promote our products and services for us, i.e., promotion of our brand.


It is important to know and coordinate well with your colleagues and staff members, in order to efficiently distribute your responsibilities and work. Actually, managing the people who work for you is a requisite demand to be fulfilled before looking forward to business.


The ground requirement for the stability and success in any business is profit making. So managing and knowing the financial strategies plays a very important role in the rise and attainment of goal in a business.


Business is all about dealing in people and their mindsets; rather than the quality of goods or service that you provide to them. The latter comes as secondary consideration. Propagation of the name of your company requires good communication among the customers and the prospective business associates. The development of such skills is invaluable in all situations from negotiating with a contract to dealing with a tough client.

Talking about the skills required, we must say that knowledge on two very important issues is much required for the post:


  • Legal issues in business
  • Logistics

A person hinting at starting a business or broadening an already existing business should always remember and be knowledgeable enough on the grounds where one can be caught into a pothole. So, it is well advisable to be in touch with a lawyer who can help you with advice in this area.


This subject deals with the management of the production and supply of goods and their proper maintenance. It is any day advisable to think about the stock management and efficient stock control. It efficiently ensures that capital is not held back. It protects against complete devastation if production rates decrease or if supply rates are not satisfactory.

The tools and techniques that are recommendable for a good management are (UCLA, n.d.):


  • Task Assignment
  • Collaborations
  • Efficient Time Management

Efficient and thoughtful barter of the job or project at hand considerably reduces work pressure and gives more work output and of better quality (HRTMS, 2011).


Communications and collaborations with companies which have larger impact on the mass improve work tactics. Sometimes, a common chat base also helps in the powerful dissipation of work.


Devote a particular restricted time limit to a given assignment so that the work is done with a good will. Devoting more time not only increases apathy towards the work at hand but also increases risk of troubles. It does not mean that the work needs to be accomplished in a great haste. As it is well understood from the job description itself, the work requires good and prolonged expertise along with a minimum educational qualification of MBA. Bachelor degrees and graduate degrees are recommended (Mathis, Robert, Jackson, 2006).

I would thus conclude with a recurrence of the initiating statement that a person capable of managing the business in strong hands is required in the concern. We will like applications sent to us and with that the attached documents would help us in analyzing the suitable entries. I hope that the job description gives enough scope for the candidate to understand their capabilities and approach for the position accordingly. Applications will be accepted via advertisements posted in newspapers like The Telegraph or The Statesman. References via employees are also accepted.


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