BUS 303 week 2 discussion 1

Human resource planning is a process by which an organization identifies the current and future needs in human resources for it to achieve its goals. According to (Bulla & Scott, 1994), human resource planning is defined as the process for ensuring that the hr requirements of an organization are identified and plans are made for meeting those requirements. Human resources planning should ideally link human resources management to its strategic plan so as to ensure that staffing is sufficient, competent and qualified enough to achieve the organization’s objectives.

Through human resource planning, an organization identifies a human resource need that arises from a strategic objective put in place measures to source for the right employee in terms of competence to fill the position. Planning is a process that has to start from somewhere and be carried out for a specific purpose. It involves gathering of information that would help managers and supervisors make sound decisions, which would be helpful in taking the necessary actions. If properly utilized, it would assist in addressing issues like:

How many staff does the Organization have?

What type of employees as far as skills and abilities does the Company have?

How should the Organization best utilize the available resources?

How can the Company keep its employees?

To achieve the much needed equilibrium between the employer and the employee goals and needs, HRM departments focus on these three general functions or activities: planning, implementation, and evaluation.


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