BUS 303 week 2 discussion 2

Employee Selection is an important part of the hiring process that involves placing the right people on the right job. It involves advertising a particular vacancy, screening the applicants for the right person and selecting the best available candidate based on certain laid down criteria. The aim of any selection method is to acquire the best person to fill a particular vacancy, who should have the right qualifications, experience and the talent that would be instrumental in assisting the organization achieve its goals and objectives. Also, it aides in determining whether the employee has the knowledge for the position and if they will be a good match for the organizational culture. 

There are several employment selection methods that different organizations prefer, depending on the size of the organization, and other internal/external factors.

One of the methods used in selection is the test of abilities, aptitudes, and skills, where the employer tests how well the candidate can carry out given tasks. It tells how conversant the applicant is to the job, and how he would perform, if employed. Employee performance is so key in the achievement of organizational goals and objectives, hence needs to be ascertained beforehand.


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On the other hand, we have employee interview, which is a session of information exchanging between the employer and the applicant regarding their suitability for the job applied for. It is an opportunity for the employer to learn more about the applicant and his attitude towards the job. The objective of any organization can only be achieved once the applicant has the right attitude and whose values are shared in the organization.