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Performance Appraisals (or another title of your choosing)

The way to use this template is to simply follow the instructions, write your paper, and then delete my instructive comments. By using this template, you will retain proper APA format. If you use the headings and follow the instructions, you will not leave out an important element of the assignment. Before you begin writing, click on the Week 3 Tab on the course homepage, and then click on Assignment. Carefully review the full assignment instructions, and then click on Grading Rubric to fully recognize all the required elements of the paper.

Begin with an introductory paragraph; three to five sentences that is a succinct introduction of performance appraisals.

Increasing Employee Performance

Write two paragraphs about how effective performance appraisals work to increase employee performance. Think about employee motivation, productivity, morale, increased awareness of job duties and managerial expectations. Do not guess; conduct some research and use scholarly sources to support your writing.

Strategic Advantages and Achieving Strategic Objectives

Write a couple paragraphs on the strategic advantages of performance appraisals and how appraisals help a company attain strategic objectives. Again a bit on productivity, lower employee turnover, higher employee satisfaction, etc. Discuss how performance appraisals and knowing how each employee is performing helps management achieve its objectives.

Potential Forms of Bias

List, discuss, and explain the potential forms of biases in performance appraisals. Strive to cover at least three forms of bias. Youssef (2012) lists a number of biases in performance appraisals in Section 6.6. Look these biases up. Do not guess! Discuss ways to avoid them. In other words, tell me how performance appraisals can be conducted without the presence of bias.


Wrap up your paper with a 3 – 5 sentence conclusion which is not a restatement of the introduction or anything else that has already been mentioned in the content above.

The instructions mandate that the length of the paper is 2 – 3 pages, not counting the title or reference page. To qualify for distinguished grading category (full credit), the paper must be over two full pages of content, using strict double spacing only.


Minimum of two: Youssef (2012) and at least one more scholarly reference: See Week 3 Instructor Guidance for suggested scholarly sources under the reference section.

Youssef, C. (2012). Human resource management. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education