Social Performance of Organizations

Social Performance of Organizations

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Social Performance of Organizations

Businesses and society develop relationships based on the type of service that is received by the consumer. Typically, a business will grow if the services and products offered are presented in a good fashion and the products produced gain a good reputation for what is outputted. Stakeholders can influence a business in various ways. It can be a simply as making the employee’s day better by offering flex time or offering great rates to other businesses for your services. It has been communicated in many ways how the stakeholder is a major influence to the success or failure of a business. Here are a few of them.

Employee benefits

We have all hear “a Happy wife makes a happy home life” or something to that effect anyway. The same can hold true for the work environment, if you can cultivate a happy employee environment, imagine how wonderful the output to your business would be. Many companies recognize the need to cultivate the work place by offering things to help the employee love their space. Many companies offer Incentive rewards, flexible work schedules, staff engagement, and welcome employee ideas. There has been a push by Wal-Mart to help employees by the e$1 a day education benefit. This benefit offers them a wonderful opportunity to get an education at an affordable cost.

Company activities

Company activities that involve giving back to the community are often very helpful to getting community support. When consumers can view the giving nature of a company, they often are more willing to be part of or contribute to the success of the company.


Companies have various types of advertising (ads, social media, etc), but the most popular and successful one can be consumers promoting the services or products for the company. When we can provide goods and services and get positive direct feedback from the public, it speaks volumes to how successful a company can become.


The most important thing to a success of a company is the type of services they offer. If you give quality services and products, you tend to have good public response. If you give terrible service, you more than likely will not have a successful outcome to your financial scope for your company. The consumers are more likely to forgive a company for one mistake if all other services provided were in good taste.

Business experience

Stakeholders can help a business if it is made up of people who specialize in the area of the products and services being offered. If they can show a number of years and knowledge for what is being offered, consumers typically embrace this kind of knowledge. It is also equally important to have people involved in the day to day operations outside the scope of the services and products on board. People like accountants and attorneys to ensure the business is operating ethically and the best interest of the consumer as well as the owners.

All of the topics above will be used as a basic for the business I will be entering into. I would like to provide staffing for data entry services needed. My experience in this area is over 30 years in the healthcare, industrial, transportation, and retail area .This will give me the ability to lead others in the type of environmental setting and scope and demand for this type of service. My staff will have the ability to work from home or at client location. We will offer services at a competitive rate and demand quality output from our employees. In return, we will sponsor and hold activities geared towards improving economic and social engagements with employees as well as the community in which we reside in. The toughest part of social responsibility is ensuring both the needs of the consumer, employee, and employer are meet. My company will be concerned a small business and may not bring the type of financial growth needed by employees in this field with all the different automatic computer services being offered today.


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