Critique Articles on Organizational Behaviors

Critique Articles on Organizational Behaviors

BUS 318 Organizational Behavior


For my assignment this week, I had to research two articles that related to organizational behavior which caught my attention and analyzed them. This week’s assignment took me a little longer in trying to find two articles which talked about organizational behavior, but after a rough start, I was able to narrow down to an article on leadership styles within organizational behavior and which effect of transformative and life-changing management when it pertains to organizational behavior. I will go over the main points about each article and interpret what the author is trying to explain. I will then give my analysis in a preceptive, reasonable and analytical way, concerning the main points the author is trying to get across. Finally, I will make a conclusion on whether I agree or disagree with the article.

My first article, was mostly focused on recognizing if there was a connection between work stimulation, management styles, and worker organizational behavior. In this article, it had a few main points on the things they were trying to accomplish. They are trying to decide the connection in the middle of management techniques and staffers employment motives and their managerial performance. Another purpose that was utilized to decide if there was a distinction based on era, time, and gender when it comes to managerial performance. There were twelve different theories on the outcome of the research. The report talked about the approach they were going to use for the report and how many staffs and managers that were going to be chosen for the report from Chennai city. They also discussed what sort of tools would be used for the report. The report resumed with their probing that hid the outcomes, the conversation on how the outcome was going to turn out, and the discovery of the twelve theories from origination.

I can say that the author gives an interesting article to test stimulation with different management styles and how it can impact organizational behavior. Throughout the article, I felt that they use a good mixture of individuals as far as workers and supervisors to guarantee they had a good stability between them. Looking at the article when choosing the twenty supervisors based on what type of management style they showed and what type of style they used when working with the employees’. I feel that using this same test would be effective to use throughout different businesses to see if they are placing the right supervisors in that position or if they need to enhance their management style with the fast stride supervisor just to see if they could get better work performance and if it would enhance the company, too. Going through the article I feel that they were able to provide hard evidence that confirms what they wanted to analyze.

I had a rough time believing that management style did not have a good or bad influence on organizational behavior. Being a strong believer that management styles can play a big part on organizational behavior and also have an unfavorable result on a company. I believe we all try to become a transformative manager but since I have been in leadership I have seen a variety of management styles and how they influence the behavior within our company. I feel that if their company places the right leaders in the right position, the company can be successful.

In my second article, I found information about the influence of transformative and life-changing management on organizational behavior. In this article, there was research organized on 213 employees in order to prove how much life changing management resulted in organizational behavior. Throughout the article, there were several main points like describing organizational community behavior, life-changing management, transformative management, and the procedure that was used to organize the analysis, and the outcome.

The research was organized by passing out 400 surveys within four different food businesses in Rio de Janeiro. By doing that, they received feedback on 213 out of 400 surveys which showed 50% of the male’s engagement between the age of 15-51 years old. The survey was a short form of a multifactor management survey which had several questions on how to figure out how an individual answer each question. Each question was formed to fit a transformative manager and a life-changing manager, so deforming on how an individual answered a question it would show how each management type was recognized and the results each of them had on organizational behavior.

After reading the article I feel that it allowed the company to survey a huge group of individuals in order to figure out how each management style influenced organizational behavior. I think it is essential to know the type of management throughout your company. This research certainly was not used for one organization, but instead to see how the employee’s in the food business were influenced. I was a little disappointed that they could not receive all the surveys back that they were trying to reach. I too believe it is more than having individuals respond to surveys about management techniques to see how the business is affected. In my opinion, I believe what they did was a good idea.

For my assignment, I explored two different studies that was related to managerial conduct which was interesting and also evaluated them. Even though it took a while to determined which sort of studies that I wanted to do a search on. I finally found the study on managerial techniques on managerial conduct and the influence of transformative and life-changing management in relation to managerial conduct. I discussed the major factors within each study and also described which factors the correspondent was trying to emphasize on. I also produced my evaluation in a comprehensive, reasonable, and explanatory manner concerning the factors that the correspondents were trying to form. Lastly, I produced an ending report on whether or not I approved or disapproved with every study and described the reason for my point of view.


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