Staffing Plan for a Growing Business

Staffing Plan for a Growing Business

BUS335: Staffing Organizations

Staffing Plan for a Growing Business

I am a former certified education administrator that has been operating a small in-home day care and have been in the business of child care for several years. I currently care for children between the ages of two (2) and ten (10) years of age. In recent months the demographics of my childcare facility have grown and so have the many inquires that I have been receiving in regards to childcare in my area have grown.

In an effort to be able to expand my business, I have to provide not only the state but also the bank in which my business is located with a staffing plan that will support the expansion and any needs of my future growth. With this expansion I will it will no longer just be myself and my assistant, but this plan that will be placed into effect will support a staff of twelve (12) individuals or more if needed. If more staff are needed, as long as the bank sees the growth in my childcare business, they will be willing to increase the amount of the loan that is offered.

The two staffing models that would best work for my needs and the needs of my business are the strategic staffing model and the person/ job matching model. With either of these two models in place the success of the child care facility is sure to be a positive one. According to an article written by Carl Carabelli, strategic staffing is used to recruit and retain employees to perform jobs in line with a company’s overall goals. Having a strategy that is clearly defined can help to address any needs and fill in any gaps .

The second model that I will be using is the Person/Job match, this model seeks to match the potential employee’s personality and talents with the requirements and needs of specific jobs for the company. Casual comments made about applicants often reflect awareness of the importance of the person/job match . I believe that with both of these models being implemented into the staffing process, it will allow for me to never be over staffed.

The staffing model will help to make sure that all of the business plans that are explained are being met and that the levels of staffing are where they need to be or if there is a deficit and more hiring needs to be done. This staffing model will help with any short term or long-term staffing plans. The short term will focus on the immediate needs of the company and the long term will focus on the proactive approach to find exactly what the company is looking for within its employees.

The following below will define the steps that I will take in order to make sure that the employees that I intend to will be well qualified and have experience for the roles that they will be hired to do.

The first step that I will take is finding and hiring a qualified recruiter to help with the staffing process. “The staffing process is the process of acquiring, deploying, and retaining a workforce of sufficient quantity and quality to create positive impacts on the organization’s effectiveness.”. The recruiter will not only assist in finding employees, but they will also help in identifying the critical and essential skills that employees will need in order to be successful within the organization. In addition to using a recruiter I will also use other options to help find eligible applicants.

When hiring I will recruit from job fairs, Internet websites such as Indeed, Career Builder, Monster and LinkedIn. I will also use staffing agencies when looking for my five certified daycare professionals. I will choose to search in some of these places first, when people come to job fairs, staffing agencies, and the Internet job sites they are more serious about trying to find a job. Staffing agencies usually check all credentials and work experience to ensure they have the proper qualifications that the employers are searching for.

My next step in filling the open positions would be to field applicants by holding interviews. In the interviews they will be asked a series of questions to help and determine if they would possibly be a good fit for the company. In this process I would include the opinions of the recruiter that I hired and to also get another opinion of the candidates other than my own. From the interview process I will determine the candidates that I feel are a best fit and after that I would offer them a job that has at least a sixty (60) to ninety (90) day probationary period. This would give myself, the recruiter and my assistant time to evaluate the work ethic of the employee and see if they are capable of handling the job in which they have applied. Even though I will hire those that I feel will be the best candidate, I will still continue to interview those that I feel as though will also be good candidates as well. This will help in the event that one of the candidates that we previously selected do not work out for the position as intended.

In addition to finding qualified candidates, I would like to also like to find candidates that of course have the KSAOs (knowledge, skills, ability and other characteristics). This will assist in getting the facility up and running a little faster. I know I will have to train them to do things how I would like them done at my daycare facility, but they should have the basic knowledge and skill needed to run a daycare. I don’t necessarily want to have to fully train anyone that is coming into the organization, unless for future candidates this is their first job after passing all of the state and local job certifications. In addition, with the two main staffing strategies that I would like to use I will also be using the Person/Organization match. I also want to have employees that are team players and will help others when needed. I want for all of the employees to have a sense of belonging and meaning to the company, almost making it feel as though we are one big family when it comes to the center.

My last final step in my process of making sure that the facility is being run effectively and efficiently, is after the probationary period of each employee, doing a progression evaluation. The evaluation will provide each employee with feedback on what tasks and functions they are most good at doing. The evaluation will also tell employee what they are not so good at and things that they would need to work on. If at the time of evaluation, I do not feel as though the employee has not proven that they are able to handle the job, they will be terminated from the position.

The evaluation period will also give employees a chance to provide feedback on things that they may feel need to be changed in the facility, policy and/or procedure or any give any feedback on the areas they feel they need more training in. With the employees giving me feedback on how they feel about the center, this gives me a chance to be able to implement changes on a trial and error basis to see how they work for the daycare center. If it is found to have a positive and/or profitable change, then it will be implemented permanently.

In closing, I hope that this business plan is seen to be proficient and profitable so that I may be able to expand my current facility to be able to provide service to the new coming families of this community. Due to the amount of inquires that I have received I would love to provide an upstanding service to my current customers, so that they will bring more business and my center will continue to grow and, in the future, possibly adjust the age range of children that we are able to care for.