Collaboration: Building Effective Teams with Technology

Collaboration: Building Effective Teams with Technology

BUS 340 Business Communications

It is not worth building a team, if it will not be effective. An effective team shares a common vision, a purpose. They communicate openly and honestly and there is a strong sense of trust and community. They work together and inspire one another .

I manage a sales team, we sell door to door. Sales can be a hard job and it is easy to fall into a dysfunctional, self-oriented role. I have a team of eight and if I was going to build it from scratch, I would be look for very specific people that could fill very specific roles. While sales is a very independent and an “all about me” profession. Working as a team and collaboratively can increase a sales person’s income.

I would seek out a lead someone that is very educated in the business and has the skillset to shine and educate, they would fill the information giving and seeking role as well as the procedure setting role. I would need at least two people that are driven by development and advancement. I would consider these people my high potentials and they would need to fill the initiating role as well as the coordinating role, they would be the leaders amongst their peers. The remaining members of the team would need to fill the harmonizing and compromising roles. Everyone on the team would share the responsibility of the encouraging role. That is how real teams get it done, they support one another when times are good and even more so when they are bad.

By building a team with these skillsets, the team would work collaboratively together. The team would get along, they would share a direction and information would spread as needed. This would primarily be done through technology as door to door sales usually requires team members to work primarily on their own. Utilizing facetime, emails, chat and text will allow the team to stay in constant communication. Having these open lines of communication would allow for immediate feedback, collaboration on how to overcome objections and celebrating a job well done.