BUS 340 Week 5 – Executive Summary

Executive Summary

BUS 340 Business Communications

Executive Summary

The turnover rate for a sales executive is extremely high. There are a lot of employers looking to hire, so there are a lot of options for current employees and future candidates. We need to ensure we are doing everything we can to retain our top talent and to attract potential high performers. This report will explain the steps necessary to reduce employee churn and drive performance.


We have a poor hiring process. The hiring managers are not trained to identify high potential employees which often results in making poor hiring decisions. The interview process focuses on the wrong things and we fail to set the correct expectations up front. Our onboarding process is sink or swim which creates a poor employee experience and our tools are outdated and not what our employees need. Our leaders are not prepared to lead and our training program is insufficient.


We need to invest in a training and mentor process to develop both frontline employees and our leaders. We need to ensure the learning and development of our employees is not just sufficient, but world class. Employees leave leaders, not companies. So we need to invest in our leaders and their ability to support their team. We need to focus on hiring managers and their ability to find talent. We are not doing a good job welcoming our new hires to our company. Developing an onboarding process and then insuring we are giving them the tools they need to be successful will drastically decrease our employee churn and increase our sales performance.