Bus 599 Project Deliverable 5 Executive Summary & Presentation

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A Non-Alcoholic Beverage CompanyThis is a small, locally owned, organically based beverage company located in Saint Louis, MO. The Company is involved in the manufacturing, production, marketing, and distribution of organic non-alcoholic beverages.

Elevator Pitch

Company Name: ANEW YOU- NAB CompanyDoes: Certified Organic Non-Alcoholic Beverages Market: Manufactures, produces, markets, and distributes whole-organic non-alcoholic beverages to a vast target. Our products are all-natural and healthy alternative non/caffeine drinks, as opposed to those with high sugars and additivesMakes Money By: Selling and promoting our products.Like Other Companies: Honest Juice, Earth’s Best, and Orgain Healthy.Will Succeed Because: We encourage an approachable, respectable partnership to earn your business rightfully and will strive to make your experiences with our product line pleasant. We focus on providing common healthy and reviving drinks with an enhanced measure of vitamins and minerals. Aims to Achieve: Mission by delivering quality, embracing and driving change, being adventurous, creative, and open-minded, pursuing growth and learning, positive team building with a wholesome spirit, being passionate and determined, and finally, above all others remain humble.

Size of Opportunity

ANEW YOU beverages will be sold locally, within a 50 mile radius at:Dierberg’s Grocery Stores13Whole Foods Market3River City Natural Food Market1XSIST Fitness Centers and Club Fitness Centers15ANEW has a big opportunity to grow in developed and developing areasWe are looking into receiving a contract with Missouri WIC

Target Customers

Children (Ages 3-12)Youth (Ages 13-18)Young Adults (Ages 18-25) Our highest target at fitness centers.Adults (Ages 26-40) Our 2nd highest target at fitness centers.

Market Size

The St. Louis metropolitan area is the 20th largest in the United States with a population of 2.8 millionEconomic base has been steadily expanding in the St. Louis area and unemployment rates are down nearly 2%Local survey concluded that 77% of those asked prefer fruit juices to soft drinksBusiness in all forms totals $258 billion U.S. market for nonalcoholic beverages The non-alcoholic drink industry comes under shopper staples class (XLP)


Earth’s Best, Orgain Healthy, and Honest are all well established businesses with large shares in the certified organic beverage marketEach company is well established possessing ample experience in the juice production businessThe competition does have a considerable advantage over us in that they are all backed financially by big businessesThe competition is able to produce on a much larger scale because of their financial capabilities


Employees understand the importance of successful trading in the NAB industry; this will help ANEW grow successfully as a businessManagement and Administrative Work- focuses on finances and business/investor relationsOperations and Production- focused on possible facilities which incorporate production process through better labor force utilizationSales and Marketing- ensures that consumer needs are met by keeping up with production quotas and pushes our products out into the open-Ensures that profits exceed debts

Business Model

The value method of ANEW YOU understands the end goal to give products at low cost to customers and make them happy with item qualityCurrent craze of purchasing only organic beverages has hosted a positive impact on many supermarket chainsANEW YOU has contracted to offer its refreshments in stores such as; Dierberg’s, Whole Foods, and River City Natural FoodANEW YOU has contracts with XSIST Fitness and Club Fitness centers throughout St. Louis and surrounding areasANEW utilizes a “Direct to Retail” distribution approachThe Mission Statement for ANEW YOU is total customer satisfaction; this means that above all, we care about you, the customer, first and foremost.


Year one- By the end of 2017 ANEW YOU is expected to surpass last year’s sales by a margin of 5%Year two- 2018 ANEW YOU intends to increase its sales by a projected +8% over previous year-end salesYear three- 2019 ANEW YOU plans to expand its operation to include sales in the Central Unites States with a distribution of at least two new grocery market chainsYear four– 2020 ANEW YOU will have a full staff of 10 employees directly working with all sections of the business


Income statements project a gross profit of just under $254 million at the end of 2017Net Cash Disbursements will be around $183 million till the end of 2017, including a tax adjustment of $63MBalance sheet shows total assets till 2017 that are expected to be more than $255 million


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