Business Analysis and System Recommendation

Business Analysis and System Recommendation

Business Analysis and System Recommendation

Background and Organizational Analysis


Chesapeake IT Consultants (CIC) is an effective Information Technology counseling administrations firm that uses demonstrated IT and management approaches to accomplish quantifiable outcomes for its clients. Its customer base incorporates little to mid-level organizations, non-benefit associations, and administrative offices at the neighborhood, state, and government levels. CIC feels emphatical that its prosperity is subject to the blend of the ability of its IT advisors, the accepted procedures CIC utilizes, and devotion to conveying precious IT answers for their customers. It established in 2004, and it’s headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Its satellite locations are Herndon, Virginia; Bethesda, Maryland as well as four hundred employees working in that organization.

Organizational Strategy

Its business strategy is to provide excellent consulting services as well as gives the suggestions to the customers by employing highly skilled consultants.CIC, as a consulting organization, depends on the quality and mastery of its workers to give the administration’s required by the customers. When it granted an agreement, the client anticipates that CIC will rapidly give the specialists and start to take a shot at the venture. CIC, as other counseling organizations, can’t stand to convey asignificant number of workers that are not doled out to contracts. Like this, they have to decide the probability of winning another agreement and guarantee the suitably talented experts are prepared to go to work when required. CIC depends on its HR Department to discover and employ the faculty that the line chiefs requirement for future contracts. It is particularly a “without a moment to spare” enlisting circumstance.

Component of Information System

People and Technology


The candidates by best fit with present and future needs as portrayed in the first concise and resulting archives depicting and advancing the CEO role.


The KEY to accomplishment in any contracting procedure is finding the hopeful with the right qualities, abilities, and experience for your association’s needs, culture, and initiative.


CIOs are all the more inside centered while CTOs more center on dealing with items for external customers,” Berray says. “All things considered, there are subtleties.

Director of Human Resources:-

Two of your most critical duties as a procuring supervisor are to ensure you have apparently portrayed the occupation and its necessities and to choose an applicant who is suitably met all requirements to perform it efficiently.

Manager of Recruiting:-

Direct and instruct our hiring managers on the significance of their engagement in the enlisting procedure. 2) let them realize that enrolling is a procedure, and teach them on their part of the process.3) ensure that they hold us (HR) responsible for conveying the best, different ability, and comprehend that they have a shared responsibility in teaming up with us to select and hold this knowledge.

Administrative Assistant:-

The administrative assistant regularly wears a bigger number of caps than a cap rack. They’re specialists in office programming and online research; they track and compose your undertakings, handle your planning, and strategically speak to you at all levels of the corporate chain of command.

2. Process:-

Hiring Process As/Is Process To/Be Process Business Benefits of Improved Process
Receiving applications 300 200 Better Recruiting.
Matching applications with open job requisitions 200 100 We select the candidate for screening easily.
Screening Resumes 180 120 Easy to select the employee for interview
Scheduling Interviews 100 200 Quickly hire the capable candidate for organization

3. Data/Information:-

Data/Information Requirement
Express Entry Website
Language Testing Results (LTR)
Educational Credential Assessments (ECA)
Immigration Medicals (IM)
Start collecting your civil status documents
Collect reference letters
Complete the existing PR application forms now
If running out of time, consider hiring an authorized representative
Improved quality of hire
Lower costs per hire
Police Clearances (PC)