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Business Assessment

Business process can be defined as an organized set of activities which are aimed at achieving one similar objective or goal. In a business, business processes are found in the organizational structure to help the business achieve its objectives. There are different business processes at Bling Shop which include management processes and manufacturing processes. Management process at Bling Shop is well organized whereby there are other essentials promoting the success of the leadership. There are well coordinated processes in management system for primary and support at the Bling Shop. Bling Shop has analyzed its current situation in order to make efficient move. Management process at Bling Shop is aimed at implementation of future whereby planning of the goals and objectives are mainly considered (Hammer, 2010).

Planning in business management is very important as it determines the selection of the best organizing strategy to be followed. In management process in Bling Shop, there is also defining of responsibilities among the staff. Training is also done in Bling Shop whereby new member are equipped with high skilled personnel for manmade goods and services. Reengineering of management processes is done at Bling Shop in order to improve the status of the business. Reengineering of management process is done at the end of every year to improve the productive and look on the sensitive matters that have aroused within the business. It is also important for reengineering in Bling Shop as the cost of items is reduced to meet the needs of every client (Hammer, 2010).

Manufacturing is also another process that takes place at Bling Shop. Reengineering of manufacturing process is done on the production of goods and services at Bling Shop. The strategies used at Bling Shop are linked with their operating activities so that the products are of good quality. Reengineering of manufacturing processes at Bling Shop is always true to the title. There is much improvement of the designing and operating systems for improving the productivity of the company. There is analysis of the business workflow which allows Bling Shop to have better and quality products. During manufacturing process at Bling Shop, there is product assembly whereby shoes and other accessories are inspected (Fisher, 2006).

In addition, there is quality assurance process where the good are checked whether they fit in the target market or they do not fit. After assurance process, there is also maintenance process where the shoes and other accessories are designed for quality production. There is operational Excellency at Bling Shop focusing on meeting fully the needs of the clients and being the best at quality shoes production in the target market. They have better understanding of the goods and services needed by the client whereby they make their commitment to fulfill the needs. Manufacturing process is very sensitive part at Bling Shop as they have a target market for girls and babies therefore production of goods and services is restricted (Scheer & Nüttgens, 2009).

In conclusion, management at Bling Shop is very crucial whereby all the leaders have worked hand in hand to make the shop the best in the market. The leaders apply variety of designs in order to cater for the dynamic changes in the market. They have also high engineered structures for the improvement of the business. High skilled personnel and advanced technology have been applied by the managerial system for more efficient yields.


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