Business Entrepreneurship

Business Entrepreneurship





Business Entrepreneurship

Anew set of people and environment normally require care when first handling and learning their culture and way of life at large. Rapport building is needs a constant give and take situation, where one must gauge the how the audience responses to your actions and questions. After this then make subtle adjustments to build and maintain rapport. To establish this basement rapport in Canada with the customers allows you to subtly direct the conversation. To be armed with good rapport, you can elicit truthful ideas from your customers and other stakeholders while eliminating the unnecessary hurdles of distrust while avoiding emotionally charged behavior. Talking about a subject in common permits an unrestricted, reciprocal exchange of dialogue which one should maintain. You should allow every individual to give out their views and ideas.

On the other hand, looking for future to change the society is the key for successful business in a competitive international marketplace. We should ask ourselves on what we want in our business and what we should provide a competitive advantage to other products. Change is often equated with progress and holding on to traditions seems to imply old and outdated ways. In Canada many products are purchased when designed to have short life and they are thrown away. This provides us with the knowledge on how we should produce our goods with expiry time exceeded (Arnon et al. 2000).

In conclusion, all foreign in Canada are allowed to find the offices open providing services to the customers but they keep their secrets in mind. There is equality and completion in Canada upholding the deal that everyone is equal to another (Hoagland & Arnon, 2000). Business networking is very effective low costing for marketing method as it opens opportunities and other ways of competing. The strength of globalization pressures in business and the level to which a company’s products are transferable internationally guiding strategic thinking allows for competition to take place.


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