Business Memo Driving Value From Business Information Systems

Business Memo – Driving Value from Business Information Systems


Walden University


To: Lauren Talia

From: Donna N. Johnson

Date: April 1, 2018

Subject: Driving Value from Business Information Systems

The purpose of this week’s memorandum is to advise you on how I plan to utilize week three lesson about the driving value from business information system into my final project on At we are successful in the ways we are utilizing information technology as an e-commerce business; I will outline areas that are in development and in need of improvement. As the e-commerce industry leader, relies on the business information systems to run the company smoothly.

Driver Information System

Information systems is the foundation of and the reliability is of importance to the productivity of the company. As a dominant player in the cloud, Amazon’s Cloud Computing Infrastructure are one of the many important components all services and programs takes place. Starting as an e-commerce business infrastructure has become critical to the uptime of more than 1 million customers with Amazon Web Services (Miller, 2015). business information system uses computer knowledge, data and other technology to collect, analyse, manufacture and distribute services to customers around the world. Information technology has given us the platform to improve performance as an online business and as we continue to bring better quality, innovation and higher standards as a commitment to our customers in the online business.

Information technology has helped with creating switching costs by reducing the occurrence of differences between a business and its customers. Amazon values the data collection and storage from online users and can even predict what you might order even before you do. Amazon now holds the patent for the algorithm-based system, a system that ship products before you even place an order (Ulanoff, 2014). Amazon also translates this data into measurement of racial and ethnic inequalities around the world; which will subsequently help to further engage business suppliers to develop quality programs to address the needs of the customers. In addition, with the help of health information technology, the online business will be able to collect and store sufficient data and customers and retailer information and this will help in addressing the problem of insufficient knowledge/ data of selling pattern of the products to the customer (Malgorzata, 2009).

How store customer information is the most important application of information technology. The custom-built software helps to maintain and protect customer databases that contain orders information, name, and address. As a public-cloud company Amazon Web Services protects customer information by designing not only its own routers, chips, storage servers and computer servers but also its own high-speed network (Richman, 2017). This gives them the advantage to design reliable products to maintain and protect data for business owners. AWS offers online services for business owners in any capacity small or large.

Business Information Systems and its relation to information technology cannot be over emphasized. When put together it increases the efficiency and effectiveness of online sales. Information technology is evolving daily and is just beginning to transform how a business sells products online by enhancing and simplifying factors that could overall lead to the efficiency of their online business. is the new Information Technology.


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