Business Process Model

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Business Process Model

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Business Process Model

A Business Process Model is a utilized business analysis technique that captures how a business process works and how people from different groups cooperate to achieve a business objective. It is a graphical representation for designing and modeling business processes visually. A Business Process Model also covers the variations and exceptions in the process. For example, If you are looking at a billing process, you may choose how the records receivable assistant should handle the case of an invalid postal code. It is a standard for business process modeling and provides a graphical documentation to indicating business processes in a Business Process Diagram.

A Business Process

A business process is a set of activities or tasks that accomplish a particular organizational objective. By automating business processes utilizing Laser-fiche Workflow, organizations around the globe have increased productivity and cut costs. Before you jump into your Workflow implementation, however, it is imperatively essential to diagram your business processes to guarantee that they are as simple, logical and consistent as possible.

Business Process Model

This is the diagram of model of business process which describes From beginning customer place order and after placing an order the order goes to the sales department, and they process the order to the delivery department. The delivery department delivers the goods. If the goods are delivered successfully to the customer then issue receipt and order is completed and in the case, if delivery is unsuccessful than money is refunded to the customer and the process is completed.

The objective is to streamline, simplify, redesign, and technologically upgrade the regulatory procedure of allocating another sponsor code, in this way improving operating effectiveness, decreasing organizational complexity and layering, improve efficiency, and decrease slack time in the assignment of a new code.

You can make a flowchart more helpful by including information beside the boxes. A model diagram should be simple and easily understandable to everyone. Real world processes get immense, so fitting all of the processes on a single page can be a challenge.

The revised chart is:

This chart simply shows the flow from receiving the order from customer to shipping. In this, after getting an order from the customer the order passes to the distribution center and after checking stock the order is dispatched, or if the stock is not available, then the customer is informed. Thus the process should be simple and short.

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