Canned foods And Fresh Foods

Canned foods And Fresh Foods




Eating is an activity that each human being does at least twice a day. We human beings are therefore responsible for what we eat since this world has got a variety of foods. We make decisions on what to eat knowing how they are capable of affecting our bodies (Tribbiani, 2013). The main purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences that observed between feeding on fresh food leaving canned food. The three main observed differences are flavor, health benefits and lastly cost (Shahidi, 2004).

The most distinguished difference between these varieties of foods is their flavor. Fresh foods have a good taste and flavor since they contain the natural conditions (Shahidi, 2004). On the contrary, canned foods do not have a lot of its flavor features due to the chemical products added to the foods. It is obvious and logic that fresh food will have a great taste as compared to canned foods when consumed considering the time since the time were either processed or prepared (Tribbiani, 2013).

As we put the two types of foods to comparison we also note another difference. There is a factor pertaining health that has got effects on both of them. Canned foods with time lose some of the original nutrients that food contains when they are still fresh. In addition to that canned foods are preserved with chemical products that may be harmful and dangerous and toxic if they are consumed in large quantities (Shahidi, 2004).

Another difference observed if the cost of the foods. Canned foods are more expensive than fresh foods. The reason for the difference in price is due to the processing done to the food, for canned foods there are chemical products added to preserve them and have undergone long procedures to be ready whilst fresh foods only need transportation to the market (Tribbiani, 2013). Also canned foods are easily got in areas like the supermarkets and are easy to prepare compared to fresh foods which they have to be looked for only in the market and also a lot of time has to be taken to prepare them (Shahidi, 2004).

These discussed above are the main three difference observed either by purchasing fresh foods or canned foods. We can see that it completely depends on personal preference and choice putting into consideration the time one has got money and the significance one puts to his or her health. Therefore it is very important for one to consider the possibilities and decide on the best type of food for one’s lifestyle.


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