Capital Investment Plan Proposal Topic

Capital Investment Plan Proposal Topic

HCA312: Health Care Finance


February 15, 2016

Executive Summary:

Texas Medical Center arranged in Houston, Texas it is the biggest human services framework in Texas. Texas Medical Center gives patient and family fabulousness, they are focused on giving the most recent and best answer for their medicinal services and restorative needs. Texas Medical Center is glad for its certify growth program which have a group of very qualified specialists and skill in the region of disease treatment, and also screening and symptomatic imaging, particularly in the eye focus (Masters in Healthcare 2015).

By Medical Center “Today, TMC contains: 21 eminent doctor’s facilities, 14 bolster associations, 10 scholarly establishments, eight scholastic and examination foundations, seven nursing programs, three general wellbeing associations, three therapeutic schools, two drug store schools, and a dental school”(2016).

Administration and/or Equipment Description:

We are hoping to buy a retina camera that would recognize disease in the back of the eye without going through broad lab work and testing. Retinal malignancy impacts generally youthful youngsters and can metastasize to different parts of the body, bringing about death. “The new AFC-330, is a 40-year family of innovative work that reclassifies the investigation of non-mydriatic fundus cameras. It is a joined quantum jump in administrator and quiet interface, effortlessness, computerization, and aggregate practice efficiencies, making this instrument a progressive headway in retinal imaging”.

The assembling is an organization called Nidek which is exceedingly perceived as the biggest organization of ophthalmic items. NON-Mydriatic Auto Fundus Camera AFC-330 Stated that “The AFC-330 gives numerous information administration answers for any practice. Its space-sparing configuration can effectively send out data over a system without the need of an extra PC in the screening range” (2012). This retinal camera highlights auto stereo that can isolate every picture by three degrees. It is networkable, it is EMR interfaced for recovery of data and it has information administration adaptability.

The expense of this hardware is $44,995.00; the preparation would be a one individual, 3 day instructional course at 4,500 a day, all costs, in addition to one hundred and ninety five dollars for routine set of expenses. “Teacher’s Expenses: If air travel is fundamental, costs incorporate airfare and auto rental. In the event that your office is inside of driving separation of the teacher, mileage is charged at $0.60/mile. Also, there is a $195 charge for each day for the educator’s hotel, suppers, and stopping costs. Per diems are charged for one additional travel day, so a two-day workshop would incorporate a three day routine set of expenses charge” (Nidek, 2012).

For a long time, individuals from everywhere throughout the world have swung to the eye authorities at Texas Medical Center. Venture capital is expected to guarantee access to new and inventiveadvances for patients and you can help our eye care focus advance with the buy of this cutting edge bit of hardware, it would be offering the inside to keep working with the expedient identification of retinal growth, some assistance with blinding illnesses in kids and eye condition because of maturing. There would be a huge rate of return, (ROI), in light of the fact that the costs on lab work and additional tech. staff would-be diminished.

I would display this Capital Investment Proposal to the key officers, and also the Board Members:

Executive Staff

Robert C. Robbins, M.D. President & CEO, Texas Medical Center

Denise Castillo-Rhodes, Chief Officer, Texas Medical Center

Larry Stokes, Chief Information Officer, Texas Medical Center

Shawn W. Cloonan, Chief Quality Officer, Texas Medical Center

William McKeon, Chief Operating Officer, Texas Medical Center


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