Careers of interest

Careers of interest






The careers I find most interesting include ICT Engineer and information systems security officer. Information systems security officer deals with ensuring the safety of the information of a company that is stored in computers and during the transfer from one computer to another. The officer thus ensures that all private and confidential data belonging to an organization remains confidential. An experienced officer earns up to $ 133, 116 per year. ICT officer on the other hand is an extended term for information technology (IT). It deals with the role of unified communications and the integration of telecommunications, computers as well as necessary enterprise software. An experienced Engineer earns up to $137, 720 per year.

I find information security officer interesting in that I am able to help any given organization to continue operating and meet its goals by ensuring the safety of its information. Malicious individuals always have a motive of bringing down an organization through getting access to confidential information. There are other information threats such as computer viruses that can tamper with the system and destroy stored data. Again, as the internet of things picks up, information security becomes even more important.

As for ICT officer, it feels good to be able to manage the overall technology infrastructure in terms of planning, implementing and management of hardware and software applications supporting an organization. I have always had interests in computer hardware and software programming. This will surely give me a platform to exercise my areas of interest and even increase my skills and knowledge. The salary is also motivating for bath careers, but above all, doing what one likes makes the whole difference in performance.

For both careers, bachelor’s degree in computer science and interpersonal and problem solving skills are required. Certification in networking and information security give one an added advantage. These may include Cisco Certification in network security, routing and switching, voice over internet protocol and other certifications in software programming.

As such, my studies are inclined towards these careers. I want to study harder to ensure the best performance as well acquire the necessary skills for me to suit this field. Technology is also dynamic. I have to ensure that I always research on new technological information so as to remain relevant and updated. I will also increase my monthly savings so that I put aside enough money to enable me do the necessary certifications.

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