Case Study on Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative

Case Study on Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative

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Under the Christian narrative and Christian vision, what sorts of issues are most pressing in this case study?

In this case study, we have realized that there are many pressing issues under the Christian narrative, one thing which is very vital in this case study is that we should actually realize that there is much Christian faith which is based on the interpretation according to the beliefs of a given denomination. Each and every denomination has a different faith. For example, we realize that Baptist has different faith with the Protestant; Catholic also has a different faith with the Presbyterian. Therefore there are denominations that believe that God has the best medicines and He has the power to heal and the Doctors have just been given the mandate to treat the patients by the guidance of God. This gives an implication that it is not wrong for one to be taken to Hospital for treatment when one is facing some critical condition of illness because God guides the Doctors and through these Doctors, patients are able to be treated. So, in other words, Doctors are placed by God to perform the task of treating on His behalf but healing itself comes from God. With the denomination called Jehovah Witness they don’t believe in cases like blood transfusion and even other important life saving because in their faith they believe that is wrong (American Academy of Paediatrics, 2013).

There are also some of the Christian issues that are looked and considered to be moral and ethical issues which are helping to determine someone to forgo for treatment in the Hospital which is only based on the beliefs, these beliefs are extended to even children who are innocent and do not know what they are supposed to do with their health and they are under the care of their parents and they are forced to receive death penalty or being sentenced to death because they don’t understand anything. Another thing that could actually lead to state of dilemma in this case is the issue of this young child who is supposed to go and donate kidney to the brother while at that point he is not at a level to make sober decisions concerning such situations and this could actually come to render him to problems when he grows. The condition of donating kidney the brother could also be against his health (Ladin, 2016).

Should the physician allow Mike to continue making decisions that seem to him to be irrational and harmful to James?

In this case, we have realized that religion has a big role that it plays in the lives of many people have believed in the faith of religion and more so according to their denominations. In most cases, we have also realized that religion has created some conflict with medicine and to some extent, they don’t come to an agreement. This is because there are some issues that are related that have brought hindrance to ensure that medicine and treatment are delivered to Christians. One of the issues that we are trying to analyze in this case is the issue when parents refuse and deny their children to receive treatment because of their religious beliefs, for instance, Mike refusing the Doctor to treat his son James and he decides to take him to go and receive spiritual healing than to be treated at the hospital. In this case, the physician should not actually force Mike to make the decision because we have come to know and understand the that parents have the authority to rule over their children and we have to respect that. But the doctors should ensure such cases as medical neglects (American Academy of Paediatrics, 2013).

On such situations when the case is reported by the Doctor the state should ensure that proper action is taken to ensure that this young innocent child is subject to treatment because in some cases as much as the beliefs of the faith may be great but when it comes to matters of life and death believers of faith should realize that there is a reason why God placed Doctors to give treatment to patients because it is key that when one is sick he is subjected to treatment. The issues of treatment neglect to children could also be stated as child abuse and persecution since these children are under the care of the children and they have the right from the law to be treated when they are sick (Ladin, 2016).

According to the Christian narrative and the discussion of the issues of treatment refusal, patient autonomy, and organ donation in the topic readings, how might one analyze this case?

Christianity is actually viewed in a perspective that exposes the well being of every human being in his existence, it also gives recognizes the experiences that we come to face every day, therefore, religion should actually recognize the act of science and medicine. Those who have strongly believed in their religious faith should also accept that even science and medicine were also introduced by God. In this case, we have realized that the autonomy of Patient is actually involving informed choices of competent and this case Mike is the competent choice for Mike. Because he is the one to actually make a decision whether his son is to be treated or not. Also, in this case, the physicians are actually forced not to go against the rule of autonomy (American Academy of Paediatrics, 2013).

In this case of study the when the Mike refuses to put James to be dialyzed, we find that the autonomy will actually dictate because the Doctor will be forced to tell James the risks that he is likely to encounter a patient if treatment is not subjected to him. In case of Christian narrative regarding patient autonomy, medical and organ donation refusal is a choice that is actually available and valuable, and people are allowed to make their own choices regarding this without being intimidated. Because God created us out of His free will according to the Christian beliefs and therefore no one should be forced to do that which is against his or her will (Ladin, 2016).

According to the topic readings and lecture, how ought the Christian think about sickness and health? What should Mike as a Christian do? How should he reason about trusting God and treating James?

The way the Christians and Doctors view the situation of sickness may vary. Because in this case, we have come to know that Mike and his wives were staunch Christians and the way they viewed the sickness of their son was actually based on the Christianity perspective. This shows that different denominations have their different ways of viewing sickness based on their faith and beliefs. According to different denominations, we have realized that some Christians view sickness as a result of nasty things that they have done, others also view sickness as a temptation from God, and for the case of Mike he views the situation of his son as if God is testing his Christianity faith. We also have a group of people that in their beliefs they view sickness as something that is normal and once someone is sick then God has placed the Doctors to help them regain to normal by being treated (American Academy of Paediatrics, 2013).

Mike is actually supposed to be strong and sticks to his faith, but that does not mean that when the son is sick he cannot take his son to the hospital to allow the Doctors to give treatment. As much as he should stick to prayer and always trust in God, he must realize that God has a reason to allow Doctors to handle sickness, so the best thing Mike could have done is to ensure that He sticks to prayers and trust in God to use the Doctors and give them best knowledge to treat his son.


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