Certifications and Continuing Education in Your Professional Role

Certifications and Continuing Education in Your Professional Role

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Certifications and Continuing Education in Your Professional Role

Regardless of the previous experience you may have in a healthcare setting, it is always important to know where you can go to seek professional development opportunities. In the healthcare industry, there are many different professional organizations that have been created for nearly every professional in the healthcare industry, from nurses, to radiology techs, to administrative professional, and these organizations provide many opportunities for those professional members in the healthcare industry. This paper will cover one specific professional organization for the development of administrative professionals. It will cover the opportunities provided by this specific organization as well as the importance of joining this organization and a direct link and contact information of the organization.

The Organization

The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management was founded in 1968 as the American Guild of Patient Account Management and the primary goal of the organization is to encourage and assist administrative professionals in the healthcare industry to further their development and education in the field (“American Association Of Healthcare Administrative Management”, 2016). With this goal in mind the organization offers many, different resources to helps its members achieve these goals. According to “American Association Of Healthcare Administrative Management “(2016), “AAHAM is the only national organization dedicated to the revenue cycle of both management and the front line staff.” The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management is dedicated to the improvement of the administrative professionals in the healthcare industry and provide many opportunities to those who decide to become members of this professional organization.

The Opportunities

The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management offers many educational benefits to its members. These benefits include exclusive scholarships, certification programs, and seminars for those looking to further their education (Stone, 2016). Student members receive a discounted membership cost; however, they are ineligible for the certificate programs. The certification programs include revenue cycle executive, professional, and specialist, revenue integrity professional, and a compliance technician. These certifications benefit both the member of the organization and the business for which the member works in many different ways. The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management also offers seminars that include legislative updates as well as other valuable information for the attendees.

Other opportunities provided by the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management include networking. Networking is a great way to meet others in your industry and more specifically your area in the industry. This can be beneficial when looking for work, or looking for others you can gain information from, and support. It also provides information about what is happening on a legislative level in the health care industry. This can give the industry a better stance on what happens in the government for your position. They also offer Annual National Institutes which offer great exposure for both you and the organization you work for.

Importance of Professional Organizations

Professional development is a lifelong process and one that does not end after you finish schooling (Johnson, 2016).In the proper organization, professional development can help you achieve the professional goals you set. It can also help your business gain exposure, and an employee that is continuously growing. You can develop upon your weaknesses and continuous improvement. Not only do you improve your individual growth, you improve your growth in the organization, and the field. In the proper professional growth organization, you can learn how to better the entire industry through legislative work.


In the health care field, it is vital to know what you are doing, to go to school and find an organization with which you want to work. However, your development shouldn’t stop there, once you find an organization or maybe even before you should consider becoming a member of a professional development organization. These organizations help in many different ways, from helping you achieve personal professional goals, to strengthen on your weaknesses, to improving production within your organization and further your career, as well as offering networking opportunities. It can also be beneficial to the organization by providing exposure to the organization you work for. It can also improve the industry as a whole, even for those who choose not to join a professional development organization, by getting those who are member actively involved in the legislative happenings in the field. There are many different professional development organizations available to all the various field in health care including the administration field. One being the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management, which offer many different benefits to the members in the administrative field. The website to access more information about the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management is, http://www.aaham.org/.


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ociation of Healthcare Administrative Management