CGD218 Week 4 Assignment – Visual Literacy

Visual Literacy in Business – CGD218

I have included many visual elements in the Inner Circle Program job aide and posters. The program logo is included on every page of the job aide and is front and center on the poster. The logo helps build the brand of the program by associating Inner Circle with prizes and money. The poster includes pictures of the prizes that can be won by submitting referrals to get the attention of employees in hopes of them submitting referrals. The job aide is intended to help our Business Account Executives process orders correctly so it includes many screenshots to visually walk them through the process and removes any guess work on their part.

Utilizing the logo on everything related to the Inner Circle program raises awareness about the program. When a Business Account Executive speaks about the program in a meeting or to an employee, there is a big possibility they will know what they are speaking about prior because we have been marketing the contests with posters around the offices. Even if they just saw the logo they might perk up to learn more. The screen shots in the job aide are intended to remove any guess work from the Business Account Executives. It’s as easy as; this is what the screen looks like, click here then check this box, etc.

By promoting the Inner Circle program with employees I’m hoping to increase the number of referrals we receive, but more importantly, increase the number of referrals for customers that are interested in our services, have spoken to someone they know, expect our call and buy our services. My intention with the job aide is to ensure Business Account Executives process the referrals correctly so the referring employee is compensated for their time and effort.

In conclusion, visual aids help clarify what is needed or expected like they were sitting right next to you for guidance. Logo’s and branding are important for awareness. One might not know what Inner Circle is but the likelihood of them seeing the logo somewhere is high when it’s plastered all over the walls and accompanied by pictures or prizes that most people want.

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