Challenges in writing

Challenges in Writing





Challenges in Writing

Writing become more challenging on specific topic because in writing there should be honesty whereby you are required to expose the points of the topic clearly. It is hard to keep the flow of particular topics in writing like child abuse because they are prohibited and can result to chronic and physiological addition these topics becomes challenging too because they have fewer things to talk about and the words can end even without filling the needed words. These topics are also emotional to the writer and to the readers to and May lead to conflict since you cannot write on something that has not occurred in that it should have happened in our community. Writing about certain topic should be selected keenly to avoid conflict or attacking some people (Horowitz, 2006).

In conclusion, many people develop negative altitude to those people who try to educate them on particular issues of on family matters. Many communities have taken family issues as a way of life and they have really adapted to the issues. They cannot listen to those peers trying to educate them on issues families face. It there becomes a challenge to change the community’s perception on their way of life. There are many questions which rise in that how can we do to change our changing society for better. Our society is also being changed by the advanced technology which has affected many of our young generation and cannot find time to listen to what parents talk about. Much effort is needed to change our society for betterment of our future generation to come (Silva, 2003).


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