Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire Prevention Guidelines

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Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire Prevention Guidelines

Charleston Sofa Superstore Fire was a kind of structure fire which occurred in 2007. It was a catastrophic fire whose raging led to the demise of around nine soldiers who died in the line of duty. It was speculated that such kind of deaths was due error in the process of response team as well as inefficient leadership on the part of the fire department (David 24). It is crystal clears that inadequate fire prevention guidelines were put in place by the fire department and the errors team were not well equipped with the relevant skills of fighting the fire that was experienced at the store.

Based on the guidelines availed by the lectures, it is critical to note that several decisions guideline could be applied to mitigate the tragedy that occurred at the store. Such guidelines range from profound ethical leadership at the fire department that can stimulate a quick and well-calculated response (David 24). The present pares will thus take into account such guidelines and how they could possible help in the mitigation of the tragic situation experienced at the store.

The most vital key to the success of any operation is leadership. Concerning his, there are set code of conduct that firefighters are expected to adhere. Before they take up their roe, they swore to honors the systems in the course of their duty of fire service. This builds a deep foundation of all the guidelines (David 24). Once firefighters can uphold ethical in their line of duty, various tragic fire occurrence can highly be mitigated, and in particular the Charleston Sofa Superstore Fire.

The guideline of upholding ethical leadership could be vital since it could trigger the response team to act promptly to the situation at Charleston Sofa Superstore before the fire could spread so fast. It is through ethical leadership that the firefighters could uphold various set of core values such as trust, respect, professionalism, open communicating, loyalty, honesty, and cooperation (Andrea 39). Furthermore, other benefits and principles of fire leadership such as making sound and timely decision that could ensure that the present tasks could be well understood supervised controlled and accomplished could be made possible. Ethical leadership among the firefighters, which is value-driven could greatly help in the mitigation of the tragedy at Charleston Sofa Superstore.

Another vital guideline which could be essential to be applied in mitigating the risk at the store is incident command guideline. Under this guideline, the firefighters could critically examine various threats which the situation presented to life and the properties that were contained with the Charleston Sofa Superstore (Andrea 39). Furthermore, under this particular guideline, they could examine what the situation demanded in term of firefighting agencies, multiple alarms, extinguishers, exposure protections and other vital instruction that were critical for the position. The guideline could also enable to understand the kind of personnel such firefighting staffs and apparatus that they needed to work.

Apparatus for protection, lighting, and communication were vital to put into consideration before carrying out the actual operations at the Charleston Sofa Superstore. Pre-incident planning and related loss reduction guideline is also worth to mention in this particular situation (Andrea 39). Under this guideline, the firefighter could have planned very effective measures of attacking the fire with sufficient knowledgeable. Through this guideline, information analysis and transmission of plans are done most effectively to ensure that the entire process is successful (Geoffrey, Dyck & Neubert 37). Competency of staffs is always very crucial factor in carrying out successful operations. Under this particular instance, it is vital that staff training and adequate planning preparation, as described by this guideline is taken into account by the firefighters.

IF the firefighter could have considered this during the Charleston Sofa Superstore fire, then the level of destructions could have been reduced with a greater extent. Furthermore, just indicated by the guideline, useful continuous update of the pre-incidental planning could be very crucial in mitigating the impacts of fire at the Charleston Sofa Superstore (Andrea 39). Besides the mentioned guidelines as learned in the lecture lessons, it is vital to consider how fire and life safety guidelines could have helped in mitigating the tragedy at Charleston Sofa Superstore. As brought out clearly by Chris Villarreal during his presentation at the Minnesota State Fire Chiefs conference, around nine firefighters lost their life in the line duty at the Charleston Sofa Superstore fire. This is a vivid indication that fire and life safety guidelines were not put into consideration during the fire attack to minimize such deaths.

The guidelines could have helped in the mitigation the situations that endanger environment, property, health, and life or community as well. Through this guideline, educational program that is meant to help in the creation of awareness among the society member. In relating this to the condition at the Charleston Sofa Superstore fire, if the community had sufficient knowledge on fire attack, they could have stopped the fire at the initial stages, thus minimizing the tragedy that occurred Charleston Sofa Superstore (Geoffrey, Dyck & Neubert 37). Furthermore, the safety practices could have prevented the fire even before the occurrence at the store. Management of physical resources guideline could be applied to mitigate the tragedy at the Charleston Sofa Superstore.

This could have been applied in making a comprehensive review of the best equipment and facilities that could be used in offering a profound attack on the fire. In this regard, analyzing what Chris said at the fire conference, “The crew on the Engine 9 let or guard down and took on the mindset that it was just trash.” This means that kind of physical resources that the firefighters were prepared with were not commensurate to the magnitude of fire which Villarreal later described as “Structure fire” and not a trash or normal fire that his team has been dealing with (Geoffrey, Dyck & Neubert 37). Through the guidelines mentioned above, best review could be done to ensure that the right facilities and equipment’s, including the logistics, repairs and administrative facilities could be availed during the attack on the fire.

Other facilities, like personal protective equipment’s if could be applied, could minimize the death of the nine firefighters, as mentioned by Chris. Other wasteful practices that could lead to failure of the operations could be identified, and elimination has done without any form of delay (William 29). Other guidelines that could be applied to mitigate the tragedy of the Charleston Sofa Superstore fire include managements of fire services, management or leadership decision, communication, participation, competence, satisfaction, review, coordination among other numerous guidelines that could be applied to salvage the situation.

In conclusion, fire occurrence predominately leads to a lot of decision and loss of life as experienced at the Charleston Sofa Superstore fire. However, with application of the guidelines mentioned above, various tragedy and loss of property caused by fire will greatly be minimized. It thus prudent for the department of fire to uphold ethical leadership in dealing with multiple issues and as well create conservative response team with ability to salve dangerous fire situations. Guidelines such as sustaining ethical leadership, incident command, managements of fire services, management or leadership decision, communication, participation, competence, satisfaction, review, coordination are vital in mitigating fire tragedy.

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