Child Abuse in Home of Substance Abusers

Child Abuse in Home of Substance Abusers

Substance Abuse and the Family | PSY481 A01

Argosy University

According to Pediatrics (2010) media plays a key role in substance abuse. More than $25 billion per year is spend on advertising for tobacco, alcohol, and prescription (Pediatrics,2010). Also, Herekohl (2013) states that substance-abusing parents are at a higher risk to abuse and neglect their children. I believe the media doesn’t make a concerted action to inform how substance abuse can cause child abuse because, they don’t want to lose money (Pediatrics,2010). Another reason that they’re probably not pushing informing the citizens on how substance abuse and child abuse is associated due to religious beliefs as well. I believe they don’t want to insult anyone or make it seem as if anyone who drinks or take any particular drug will abuse it and mistreat their children.

But, the number reason is revenue they don’t want to lose money (Pediatrics,2010). The audience that I have chosen are grade and high school students the plan I would make would be titled as “You Are What You Use”. The lesson plan would be a game that when answered correctly they will receive a trophy like electronics, gift cards, and candy. The first part of the lesson would be called what is that substance? Basically it will give the children the opportunity to get a list of each drug that can be abused and then they would have to define it. The second activity would be knowing the risks of the substances (Fields,2013).

The third activity would be ratings measured on a scale I would have each one of them research the addiction rate and tell me the level of use. The fourth activity I would want them to inform me of the short and long term consequences when abusing these substances. The last and final activity everyone would be placed into groups and provided a laptop or computer I would inform them to choose one substance and inform me of it on a poster and then each and one them perform it inform of the class. Once action point that I would give to my audience would be to know your surroundings and always be optimistic. I would also inform them to stay around positive people even when you’re going through rough times don’t become easily influences by the things that surrounds you (Fields,2013).

In conclusion the media makes a lot of money from the commercials they put out to promote these substances. Therefore, they don’t want to lose money nor insult peoples religious beliefs (Pediatrics,2010). Also, the plan is to get the children to understand what type of effect the drugs can have on a person’s mind and body (Fields, 2013). I chose the students to work in groups and present their presentation to the class because they will be the ones delivering the message to one another. I decided this because children understand one another and more likely listen to one another. The message would be delivered in a presentation by each of the students and for support I will be a resource as well as the internet because they will be provided with laptops and computers.


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