Information Systems Terms and Concepts

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Information Systems Terms and Concepts

The three main information systems terms are; Data – These are raw facts of information metadata – Data about data information – Data that is organized, accurate, timely and presented with context information contributes to knowledgeKnowledge – Facts, information and skills acquired through learning. Intelligence is the appropriate application of this knowledge




The internet is made up of client computers and servers internet is the largest network on earth internet Service providers offer users a connection to this network at a cost per month



Academic Integrity, Ethics, & Plagiarism



Academic integrity should always be upheld and I am the one always being tested to know what I have learned. Ethics both academic and non-academic are always upheld. High moral principles are expected. Plagiarism is not condoned whatsoever and leads to punishment.

Managing Digital Assets

Digital assets are data stored in digital form and detailed by metadata; data about data. Data analysis of Metadata Data mining


Microsoft Word

Mailing which includes – labels and envelope stage layouts which includes margins, orientation and spacingInserting page breaks, tables, blank pages and symbols


Microsoft Excel


Inserting charts and other visual data representation cell stylingSum of data in column




Microsoft PowerPoint

Creating slides Inserting clip art and pictures presentation in slides in slide show mode


Social Media

Social media are companies that use user’s data to make money in form analytics by providing relevant social media form a huge junk of people’s time spent online faceBook is the most visited social media site


Personal and Professional Accomplishments

I have learned how to present content professionally. Formatting my papers as required professionally doing PowerPoint presentations in an organized mannerPlagiarized content infringes on other people’s intellectual property rights. This leads to penaltiesExcel software is very crucial in the representation of data with figures ie charts and bar graphs help in the representation of these data



I can use the skills to present my case professionally paper and presentations can now be presented professionally.The intellectual property of authors should always be upheld and plagiarism avoided no matter what. I will use the skill to encourage this. Plagiarism should always be avoided at all cost skills acquired in Excel will be used to analyze data. Excel provides tools like graphics help in the representation of data



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