Types of Networks

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CIS 105

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All types of networks basically do the same thing. The purpose of a network is to link two or more computers together. Computers can be linked to share information between each other or over the internet. Networked computers in different setting have different names.

A common type of network would be a LAN, Local Area Network. These type of networks are set for a smaller area where computers and printers connect.

A HAN or Home Area Network, can also be a type of LAN because it is used in a smaller proximity. A preferred method of connection is Bluetooth in these scenarios because the level of security.

The opposite is true for a WAN, Wide Area Network. WAN’s can span across cities, states or countries. Systems that are widely connected like that are usually large enterprises or agencies that use the same type of data, like governments, banks, hospitals and etc.

CANs, Controller Area Network, are different from the others because they do not directly use computers to communicate. CANs are made more for automotive usage, like taxi drivers who communicate with dispatchers.

Lastly MANs, Metropolitan Area Network, link computers that are separated but in the same city. A good example of that would be MetroCard vending machines in New York City. There are thousands of the machines in the city that perform the same function, but they are in different areas.

All of the networks mentioned have a variety of difference. The one thing that they have in common is that they all now have the ability to be connected wirelessly or wired. All of these type of connactions have some level of risk to security. The other main thing that they have in common is that they allow for two pieces of technology to communicate back and forth, through the manipulation of users.

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