The Role of Project Managers

Assignment 1: The Role of Project Managers

CIS 348

It is important that an organization chose the right type of organization that work the best for its goals.  Form the scenario, I chose functional & Matrix organization as the most important ones.  It the company decided to use a functional structure, them it should be organized according to the task that people perform.  For instance, the firm can divided finance position to three functional divisions: liquidity, capital, & risk.  A functional structure allows employees to concentrate on the job they best perform.  For instance, marketing employee will focus on its specialty rather than accounting.  In another hand, in functional organization structure employees are under one & direct supervisor.  Besides, the comunication between them should occur by transfer the information or messages up the hierarch.  Furthermore, authority of project manager & resources available are very low.

Project management is about being controlle from the start of the job to the end. Efficient & effective teams with a leader that can encourage coperation & motivate to get outcome as all are working toward the same goal. It is in everyone’ best attention to work together to the works success.Project management is appropriate to many businesses & organizations. Some basic industries that use project management include Information technology, telecommunication, construcion, software development, banking, manufacturing, professional engineering & architectre, computers. Project management is important because tough budgets, reducing resource, limited time constraints, & competition to improve the methods we do business in the competitive environment. The great ability of project management makes it possible to focus on priorities, track & measure performance, overcome challenges & issues, become flexible enough to adjust to change & reach higher performance & a higher probability of success in each & every project.

The challenges of project management most especially the high hopes from senior management combined with little or no hierarchical permission are powerful, but project managers can influence the entire path of an organization. Project management is very important in today’s business environment when one considers the repercussions of the lack of good project management or when project management is not successful applied to projects. Here are some of the repercussions that can be experienced with the lack of or poor project management week communication, missed deadlines, cost overruns, week workmanship, Misunderstandings, redoing work to correct mistakes, unclear directions for the project, constant changes in project scope, forgotten key tasks, week morale of team, duplication of effort, Bad weather, weekly defined goals & objectives etc. Because of these possible consequences, project management is critical to a project’s success. Effective & efficient project management will help businesses to overcome these constraints & makes it possible by meet or exceed customer expectations, maximize the use of business resources like time, people, money, space, etc., bring the project to obtain higher performance & a higher probability of success in each project.

Several different methods are used today to prepare project management.  Someone is put in control & they will hire a team of people to help them identify exactly what needs to be done, make decisions, & implement plans.  Always Project managers should concern about certain steps when they have been given a job to do. The first thing is focuses on organization.  It is crucial that the leader of the team be able to organize properly, giving the right people the right jobs.  They will understand whose skills will match what job & that is how they will define who does what. First they must analyze the issue & decide exactly what it needs.  They must decide on a goal & the best way to obtain it.

Successful organizations buid projects that generate desired results in recognizedtimeframes with assigned resources. As a result, todays businesses are gradually driven to find individuals who can ecel in this project-oriented background.

Every organization identifiedits goals & objectives, which is the foundation of earning profits & making a way towards proress. Project management is the key tool for obtaining predetermined goals in an organizedway. It selects the strategies that can be used to reach the goal in the fastest way. It is a structued way of getting to businesses objectives.

Functional organizations are most common because company’s like to group workers by expertise/training & what they do. Wen project members are pulled from the functional department they are torn by the obligtions of the department & the project (been there, done that). It is almost impossible to havefull loyalty to the project, knowing that after a period of time, you will return to the departmet & job you had. Neglecting the department, will only hurt them in the future, so the employee wnts keep a strong relationship with the functional department.


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Discuss the differences between block level & inline HTML elements. Give examples where you can, & explore the elements that are inline & block& the differences in the way styles are applied to them.

Ans) Block level eement creates large blocks of content like paragraphs. They start a new line of text whenever the are used & may include or contain blocks as well as inline.

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