CIS 524 Wk 10 Discussion 2

CIS 524 Wk 10 Discussion 2

Despite increases in computing power and network bandwidth, many user interfaces are still largely text oriented, with a few icons and illustrations. Discuss at least three reasons why text-oriented interfaces are still the most common.  

A user interface is the system by which people or users interact with the computer whether hardware or software component. User interfaces include a text-based interface or command line interface and graphical user interface (GUI). Even though text based software may have its limitation, but the three reasons why text-oriented interfaces are still being in use:

It relies primarily on keyboard. An example is Unix. It is easier to customize options.

Typically capable of more powerful tasks because text- based application tend to run faster than software involving graphic.

It provides user with more control on the software than a graphical user interface


From the e-Activity, identify the tool you would be most likely to use in a design project and explain why you selected it.

The term “information visualization tools” refers to a broad range of digital tools and resources that allow users to view, analyze, manipulate, and/or communicate complex information, such as historical, spatial, and statistical data. Information visualization tools range from freely available tools that produce simple visual representations of small data sets to proprietary tools that can manipulate complex data. I would use geographic information system (GIS) tool because it allows users to capture, manage, analyze, and display geographically information.



Shneiderman, B. P. (2010). Designing the user interface: strategies for effective human-computer interaction (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

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