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CIS515 Strategic Planning for Database Systems


In the ERM diagram, every relationship is shown correctly with the accurate Primary keys and foreign keys identified and described their relationship.

According to above relationship diagram following are the assumption or limitations:

So, from the above points we have identified the number of limitation which needs to be considered while preparing the ERM diagram or database for the university. (Sumathi & Esakkirajan, 2007)

  1. There may be many colleges or campus under one university.
  2. Colleges have different school, and schools may have different courses.
  3. Courses will be linked with student, and student can have more than one course enrolled.
  4. Student will have one grade for one course.
  5. Student will be enrolled with one College.

Create the primary key and foreign keys using a UML Class diagram for each table.

The above class diagram represents the database structure and its primary and foreign key requirements.

A Key will be primary key if that particular key is in its parent table, and if the key is used in any other table it will be acting as a foreign key, so you can easily see from the above class tables, there are primary keys mentioned. Primary keys are represented by 11, 12 and 13, and primary keys will be represented by PK. Suggest at least four (4) types of business intelligence reports that could help the university in course management, student enrolment, or historical tracking. Support your answer by providing specific business functions that these reports could assist executives of the university. There are many business functions which should be addressed with the help of University database, and this can easily help university, college and school to perform and create awareness among students to perform well.

There should be following business reports:

As an alternative for development of the database, you are considering outsourcing the functions above. Research the Internet and other media sources for vendors who develop registrar and school management database systems. There are many companies providing database systems and it would not be very easy to select one of them, to take a decision it would take a large effort and which will be concluded only when you are sure what you are spending and whether you are getting what is required from that particular organization. (Khan, 2014)

  1. University Courses in Colleges – This is a very important reports, which will be helpful for students while selecting the college of their choice and accordingly they can apply for selection of seats in those colleges, if student has the courses list available with respect to university and colleges, it would help student in selecting their college and courses accordingly.
  2. Student Enrollment with College and Courses – This report would be helpful for student, colleges and even universities, to track how much number of students is currently enrolled in different courses across different colleges and universities. This will enable them to quickly take a decision and create a long vision with good growth opportunities for school and track the student activities among joining different courses. (Khan, 2014)
  3. Student Grading – This report will be helpful to identify the best students among the list of students enrolled in university colleges, and it will tell the result of students after the exam.
  4. Student Courses List – This will be useful to generate the reports based on student interest in different courses, this will also help in identifying which course would be more attractive among students and it will create a large impact in providing good opportunities in even lower or large attractive courses.
  5. Following are the organization that can help you provide the database management for Universities:

    Oracle, Microsoft and ATSI have security features in common. There are many differences between Oracle and Access. First, you need to know that Oracle and Access are both relational database engines. Oracle is sold by Oracle Corporation and Access is sold by Microsoft. The biggest differences between the two are the size and number of users each supports. Oracle is a scalable enterprise database engine that supports from one to many (ten to hundreds of thousands) of simultaneous users. Access on the other hand is most commonly used as a single-user database but since the release of Access 97, can be augmented with Visual Basic.

    1. ATSI – This is an organization providing student and university support system software’s, his software range will vary from just reports to large data storage systems. (Atsi)
    2. Microsoft – This provides database systems such as MsAccess and Sql Server, which will be very helpful for university to start development of school management software inhouse.
    3. Oracle – Oracle 11g is very popular now days and this involves less efforts to develop a new heavy storage system for universities.
    4. I will definitely go with Oracle 11g, as this software will help University in long terms, as the student and college data grows it will be easy for them to handle the length of data and create big data house.
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