CJ 102 Unit 1 Journal

Unit 1: Journal

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I have learned a great many things during this first unit of Criminology I, my professor seemed to make things very interesting including learning all his achievements throughout his life. It is an honor to be the student of such a successful professor. I wont lie, once I looked at the discussion post for this unit, at first before seminar happened tonight, I was confused on how I would even begin to write my discussion for I didn’t quite understand what was being asked, but after listening to our seminar tonight, I grasped a bit more than I did when I was studying alone. After seminar, I told myself that I needed to do my initial post for discussion because I didn’t want to lose any points, so Sunday would be the last day that you can do an initial post. Went straight to the discussion and started writing on Word.

This term, because I’ve had major issues in actually remembering the courses key terminology per unit, I have decided that I will make homemade physical flash cards where the person can read the definition and expect me to tell them what it is, the cards all have the definition also written on the backs. Making the cards like I did gave me the opportunity to repeat each term in my mind twice while writing them out onto the cards. I still have a few that need a little work, but I still have two more days to learn them.

My favorite part about this unit was reading the psychology terms and how they relate to criminology and the justice system. For example, my discussion post was over sociobiological theory and the arousal theory, of how both work together. I still believe that how we behave neither is only genetics nor environmental stimuli. I believe that it takes both to shape and form who we become today. Like the arousal theory points out that we need high levels of environmental stimuli which is what leads to aggressive and violent behaviors, but there is also the genetically family history that may interfere with the now. I don’t think that one person could persuade me that only one of these two is the leading cause of our behavior because, honestly, it takes both.


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