CJ 328 Unit 6 Assignment 2

CJ 328-01: Forensic Fingerprint Analysis

Unit 6 Assignment 2

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Unit 6 Assignment 2

How many different prints or partial prints did you locate?

I located several different fingerprints in different parts of my home. I was able to locate both partial prints and full prints. I even located some palm prints. The palm prints belonged to my four-year old neighbor that comes over to visit me with his mom. On the partial prints they could have been left due to me missing them when I was dusting and wiping the surfaces down with pledge that I use for dusting.

What types of objects did you lift the prints from? Where were they located?

The items that I lifted my four-year old prints from were non-porous surfaces from my dresser that is in the playroom where he plays when he visits me. The doorknob when he entered the playroom and the bathroom doorknob. I located and lifted prints from the microwave oven that is in my kitchen and on my refrigerator, my computer and my counter tops in both my kitchen and bathroom. I was also able to lift a few prints from a glass that was left in my kitchen sink by my neighbor. I lifted some prints from the top of my coffee tables. I was able to life prints on porous surfaces such as the books that are in the playroom that my neighbor’s son plays with when he is here.

What supplies did you use? What technique did you use to apply the powder?

I used a latent print brush, lifting tape, index cards and of course disposable gloves along with charcoal powder. This did take some time but using my latent print powder brush I just spread my charcoal poser lightly over the surface that I used to locate the prints. I attempted to not over brush the area so that way the print would not become destroyed in anyway. Once the latent print was slightly defined, I then used a feather brush to dust off the excess powder in order to enhance the fingerprint impression. Then I used cellophane tape about five inches long and pressed it over the print and then used my thumb to smooth it and making sure that the was no air trapped in under that tape. After doing this I removed the tape from the corner and placed it on the index card. I wrote the date and time along with the area that item that the print was taken from, this was all confusion was eliminated (Lee, & Gaensslen, 2012).

Did you expect to find more prints or fewer?

I totally expected to locate more prints but I had just dusted the day before so that may be why I did not locate more prints. When I am off of work my neighbor and her small son will visit me and he plays in the playroom and he touches areas in my kitchen such as my countertops and refrigerator and microwave oven and my stove.

Can you identify the prints as different from one another? How?

After doing this experiment I was able to identify some of the prints, the small prints were from my neighbor’s son, there were some from my neighbor herself, some were mine and some were my son’s and his wife who also had visited me the day that I did this experiment. To be totally honest some of them were hard to read and a few of them were in fact partially destroyed. The ones that were hardest for me to read were the ones on the books that my neighbor’s son plays with in the playroom. I did get some really good prints off of my computer seeing how I am the only one that uses it, I knew they were my prints.

Overall, this was a good experiment for me, and I know now how to lift fingerprints the correct way, I really enjoyed doing this assignment.

CJ 328 Unit 6 Assignment 2

CJ 328 Unit 6 Assignment 2


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