Child Abuse PowerPoint Presentation

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Child abuse

CJ 333 Unit 7 Assignment

What is child abuse?

Child abuse can be defined as any parent and or guardian who fails to protect the child or via action cause the child’s death, injury, emotional, or serious harm. (What is Child Abuse? , n.d)

Issues associated with abuse

Mental Health Disorders, Addiction, & IssuesIntimate partner violenceAlcohol abuseDrug AbuseDepressionSuicide

Sexual & Reproductive Health IssuesMore than one sexual partnerSexual transmitted diseaseUnplanned PregnanciesAdolescent pregnancyFetal death

Maryland children


In 2015, in the state of Maryland there were about 51,349 referrals for abuse and or neglect towards children. Out of those 51,349 referrals, about 20,000 were then selected for an investigation. In the year 2015, due to abuse and neglect, there were 28 reported deaths of children. (Maryland’s Children 2017, 2017)

United states: Abuse

In 2010, in the United States there was an estimate of 6.2 million children were suspected of having experienced abuse and or neglect. (Kindschi, 2017) In United States, there is an average between 4 to 7 children that die every day due to being a victim or abuse and or neglect. (Child Abuse Statistics, 2013) On an estimate of every 10 seconds, a child abuse report is made.

Why knowing is important?


I think that being aware of child abuse is important because this is something that does underreported often. Children who experience abuse and neglect, often can exhibit emotional, cognitive, and or behavioral problems. Being able to see the signs of a child going through neglect or abuse can help you safe a child’s life.


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