CJ 345 Unit 6 Assignment 1 – PowerPoint Presentation

CJ 345 Supervisory Practices in Criminal Justice

Unit 6 Assignment


As a Police Department, we need to find ways that will help recruit and retain minorities and women into our law enforcement family that will help them and our community to work as one cohesive unit.

Fix Negative Perceptions about Law Enforcement

Assert clear tactics that are not racially drivenConvictions need to be equally sentenced based on the crime and not due to who you are and the color or your skinStop aliening the communities that have more crimeSurveillance and targeting offenders not based on race or genderBuilding a mutual respect between the communities and police officers and we need a proactive policing system in place to rebuild the broken relationships.

Current Recruitment

Wait for people to apply to the agencyWord of mouth about possible hiring of officersFamily members or friends of fellow officersVisit job fairs

Recruiting Suggestions

Don’t wait for applicants to find a job with your agency.Visit academies, high schools, minority colleges, women’s colleges or sororities, correction centers, security companies, cultural festivals, and urban leagues.Look for them why they are young as they may not know what they want to do in life just yet.Widen the search area as not only looking in neighboring cities and communities but not putting limitations on residency requirementsBeing proactive when searching for minorities and women instead of being passive and waiting for them to apply for the job will help them feel important and needed.

Benefits of Diversity

Acknowledging and Understanding the differences amongst people with age, race, gender, or sexual orientation and are more effective. Greater success and rewards of a diverse workforce.Employees are more engaged and learn to respect individual differences.Learning life lessons and the differences amongst people will help bring positive outcomes and will have officers showing greater interest and success.

Ethical Guidelines

Officers held to higher standardsDegree of expectations placed on officersOfficers are always under a microscopePublic scrutinySelect bad officers make all officers look bad

Increase the Numbers

Using ethical guidelines to recruit new women and minorities by treating them equally to all other officers, and always lead them to make the right decisions no matter who they are dealing with.Make sure that all officers are properly trained and treat each other with respect regardless of age, gender, or race.Discipline those officers that do not uphold those standards.

Organizational Theories

Positive Discipline involves a systematic approach designed to instruct or guide employees in such a way that they become loyal, dedicated, responsible, and productive members of the organization (More, H., & Miller, L., 2015). Discipline can be considered positive or good when all police employees share a common sense of purpose or self-discipline to follow policies, procedures, and rules & regulations (More, H., & Miller, L., 2015).


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