CJ 345 Unit 9 Assignment – PowerPoint Presentation

CJ 345 Supervisory Practices in Criminal Justice

Unit 9 Assignment


Supervisors have a responsibility to provide a positive environment and process to help officers become effective and committedSuccessful Supervisors need to:ListenCoachConstructive FeedbackBuild positive relationshipsGood role modelsMentorCounsel

Listen and Coach

Supervisors need to be able to listen to the officers that they are in charge of. Having an open-door policy and letting each officer know they can come to them if they need provides trust.Teaching the skills, knowledge, positive attitudes and behavior is extremely important for successful officers.Maintaining proper training provides efficient, effective, and productive officers.Building a mutual respect between supervisors and trainees will help build strong and effective police officers.

Constructive Feedback

Supervisors need to be able to provide constructive feedback to the trainees to allow them to fix and correct errors that they have made so they wont repeat them.A training tool used to help make the trainees more efficient and confident in their work.Shows the trainee that you care about their future.

Positive Relationships

Having positive relationships between supervisors and trainees builds trust within the organization.Building trust within an organization makes the agency flow smoothly and effectively.

Theories of successful Supervision

Supervisors that provide that positive role model to the trainees will have better outcome of listening and effective officers.Listening to the needs and concerns of the trainees will help establish open communication between the supervisors and trainees and with upper management and supervisors.Putting some trust into the decision making of the trainees will make them trust their own decisions and help them make proper calls.

Importance of Theories

All of the theories are important because you want your trainees to learn the skills and knowledge to be an effective and efficient officer that trusts their supervisor to stand up for them if they use their skills properly.Learning the proper way to do things and getting constructive criticism will show the trainees the correct way to do things and help them change an incorrect way into something positive.


These theories can have a tremendous impact on supervisory practices because if trainees are not becoming productive officers, there is something not being done correctly within the supervisory chain.Correcting the proper training values and making sure there is a positive impact on the trainees and the agency as a whole. Without efficient supervisors, we will not train productive officers, and without efficiency and productivity, an organization will fail.


A supervisor’s role is to train, coach, listen, and establish trust with new trainees all while providing efficiency and productivity to the agency. Supervisor’s are very important to a police agency because they go between trainees and upper management all while running the agency.


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