CJ 102 Criminology Unit 2 Worksheet

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After completing the readings, answer the following questions:

Explain the relationship of criminology to criminal justice.

Both fields are crime- related, they do overlap, Criminologists devote their research to justice and social control and are concerned with how the agencies of justice operate, how they influence crime and criminals, and how justice policies shape crime rates and trends.

What are the similarities between RC and RAT?

Similarities between RC and RAT are criminal law – violating behavior is the product of careful thoughts and planning. Cost and benefits, destructive/ personal and social conditions and influence.

Define the “seductions of crime.”

Seductions of Crime are Moral and Sensual Attractions in Doing Evil.

Provide an example of situational crime prevention.

Example: To ensure, eliminating the risk of robbery of payroll or of employees who would have otherwise been paid in cash.

Target removal- to remove objects which are the target of criminal activity.

What are the differences between specific and general deterrence?

Difference between specific and general deterrence is that for specific deterrence the criminal sanctions should be so powerful that offenders will never repeat their criminal acts again, and for general deterrence is the reason, then, that crime can be controlled by increasing the real of perceived threat of criminal punishment. Make the punishment nasty enough that this criminal will not want to offend.