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CJ 110-01

Attempted Child Abduction


Victim Fled to a Friend’s House in Close Proximity to the Incident and Phoned Law Enforcement

  • Attempted Child Abduction on the 1500 block of Main Street, Liverton, IL on November 1, 2010 at approximately 15:35
  • Single Attempt to Date
  • Modus Operandi:
    • 11-year-old male was approached from behind by suspect while walking home from school
    • Using Deceptive Practices, the Suspect Asked for Directions to the Hospital
    • While Giving Directions, the Victim was Grabbed by the Suspect
    • The Victim was Able to Temporarily Incapacitate the Suspect by Kneeing Him in the Groin
    • Victim Fled South on Main Street
    • Victim Stated That He Viewed the Suspect Entering a Blue Chevrolet Camaro, Driven by a Long-Haired, Blonde Female
    • Suspect(s) Fled North on Main Street

    Map of the Area of the Incident

    Suspect/Vehicle Information:

    Driver of the Suspect Vehicle is Believed to be a Long-Haired Blonde Female

    • Suspect Described as a White Male, Approximately 25 years old, Scruffy Facial Hair, Shaggy Brown Hair and Dirty in Appearance
    • Suspect was Last Seen Wearing a Red Flannel Shirt, Blue Jeans, and Black Tennis Shoes
    • Suspect Vehicle Described as a Blue Chevrolet Camaro With a Dent On the Passenger Quarter Panel with What Appeared to be Red Paint Transfer
      • License Plate of the Vehicle is Unknown

    Photo of Similar Vehicle to Suspect’s

    Suspect vehicle was last seen traveling North on Main Street. We ask that patrol be increased in the area and that officers keep a close eye on children who are walking in this area. Officers, please keep an eye out for the suspect vehicle, a Blue Chevrolet Camaro with a dent and red paint transfer on the passenger quarter panel.

    Please report any information that you may obtain, as well as seeking clarification, to Detective B. West at (217) 782-2028, BWest@livertonpd.com or Detective T. Dodge at (217) 782-1339, TDodge@livertonpd.com