PSO Jane Roberts Case Study

PSO Jane Roberts Case Study

CJ345 Effective Police Supervision

PSO Jane Roberts’ background with being a single mother and putting herself through college have nothing to do with this case study, whatsoever. I really don’t understand why this scenario spends so much time painting the picture of how she becomes a police officer at 38 years. She get a degree and is assigned to learn the job from a capable and experienced officer. The fact that he likes women and women like him, again, have nothing to do with her. She sees him making out with another female officer and cant sleep. This is the problem with the work force in police work. I have been a police officer for 15 years and have learned that officer’s personal lives are exactly that. If Billy Williams wasn’t violating departmental policy, it is none of Jane Roberts’ business to report him for making out with someone who isn’t his wife.

So, to address the questions regarding this assignment. Sgt Jones makes the decision to assign a new, female officer to be trained by an experienced officer who is a proven, solid FTO (Field Training Officer). He is known, off-duty as a player, but on duty, he is a good cop who knows his job. Billy trains Jane Roberts, who tells herself she is really good looking, without any personal issues. She passes her FTO period and moves onto the next level. So the decision made by Sgt Jones shouldn’t even be a question. He insured that his new officer was trained and that is all. No mistakes were made in the beginning and it is ridiculous to suggest they were.

Again, I don’t understand why this assignment is implying a mistake was made at all. So as far as the question of how can this be prevented in the future? I don’t think any mistakes were made so there are no precautions to take in the future. Billy was asked to train Jane and he did so, with distinction by the way. The fact that Jane sees Billy making out with another officer, later, off-duty, has no bearing on his performance as an FTO.

I can tell from the questioning is this assignment, that I am supposed to identify Billy as a problem officer and say he is at fault. But the real world application to this scenario is that Billy hasn’t violated any rules, regulations or laws. If anybody is at fault here, it would be Jane for creating issues where none are needed. Police work is hard enough to manage and supervise and perform without officer spying on one another and dictating moral stipulations on other people’s life styles. So, as a supervisor myself, I would instruct Jane to bring anything to me that was a direct rule or regulation violation or keep her personal feeling about Billy to herself. If she wanted, she could request for a transfer off the shift to go work somewhere else. I would not intervene on an officer’s personal life unless it effected my officer’s ability to complete their jobs.

As the Sgt in charge of these officers, I would bring both of them into my office if Jane was so concerned with Billy’s actions that she couldn’t work with him anymore. I would give her the opportunity to speak to Billy about the actions she was concerned with and allow his rebuttal. I would then insure that they could operate together as police officers and then order them to leave it where it is. Billy is a grown man and if he wants to ruin his marriage, that is no concern of Jane’s




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