CJ445-01 Unit 4 Seminar Makeup Assignment

Case Management – CJ445-01

The unit 4 seminar on Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 began with a brief overview of the two discussion boards that we will be completing this week. The first will be about the harms associated with adolescents using drugs/alcohol and the second will be about differences between female and male delinquents. The topic of discussion for the evening will be about the challenges and issues associated with being the case managers of adolescents belonging to the special populations of juvenile offenders which include females, adolescents with mental health issues, drug abusing offenders, and adolescent offenders from the LGBTQ community. This week, our written assignment will be creating a PowerPoint presentation about having adolescent clients that belong to these special populations. The presentation will include a case management treatment plan, information about the treatment, special considerations, risk/protective factors, challenges, interventions, and state who will be involved in the client’s care. The treatment should incorporate consideration into what is best for the client. Clients who are struggling with substance abuse should be enrolled in a rehabilitation treatment program. If they are someone that tends to stay out of trouble when they are engaged and stay busy, maybe they would do well playing a sport or doing an extracurricular activity. If they are someone who might be struggling with mental health issues, they should receive treatment from their in-school therapist or be enrolled in an outpatient treatment program where they can attend school and address their issues with therapy and medication. Female offenders were the next topic of discussion. Female offenders’ most common offenses are status offenses such as truancy, curfew violations, and running away from home. Many females are getting pregnant earlier and do not have proper or sufficient support, so they are turning to gangs to have a sense of the family dynamic and get help raising their children. Group homes would be a better alternative if the case manager can intervene prior to their female (or male) client joining.