CJA 335 Collection and Analysis

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Howard McKenzie, Joseph Yelin, Nichole DeClouette, Edward Soto CJA/335December 14, 2016Dr. Anthony Carbo

Collection and Analysis


The assignment

Develop a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that assesses the issues surrounding the collection, analysis, and utilization of statistical data in criminal justice policy making.  Special attention should be given to programs designed with community policing or proactive policing in mind.

Agenda Topic

issues surrounding the collection (Mack)Analysis(Nichole)utilization of statistical data in criminal justice policy making (Joe)programs designed with community policing (Edward)

Issues surrounding the collection

Issues surrounding the collectionCont.


Analysis cont.

Utilization of statistical data in criminal justice policy making

Utilization of statistical data in criminal justice policy making cont.

Programs designed with community policing

Police and citizens often come into contact with each other for reasons other than criminal investigation. In addition to enforcing criminal law, police officers often engage in community service. Community service may include providing information and/or assistance to people in need, as well as offering youth education and coordinating community outreach efforts. In many communities, police officers network to establish partnerships between residents and the law enforcement agency. Community-oriented policing seeks to address the causes of crime and to reduce fear of social disorder through problem-solving strategies and police- community partnerships. Typically, it involves a greater use of foot and bicycle patrols and frequent meetings with community groups.

Programs designed with community policing cont.

Community Engagement and Educating the Community Highland Village Police Department (Texas) developed “Police Involving Parents Program”, whereby parents, teens, and police partner in response to specific infraction to develop an appropriate, parent-enforced punishment.North Little Rock Police Department developed training and public awareness program called “Meth Aware.” Working in partnership with local businesses selling ephedrine/ pseudoephedrine, the Department developed brochures, educational videos, public service announcements, and billboards to educate the public about the dangers of such chemicals. Successfully initiated legislation limiting the quantity of products containing ephedrine/ pseudoephedrine that can be purchased in a single transaction or possessed at one time.

Programs designed with community policing cont.

Operation CeasefireStarted in Boston, MA in 1996The Boston Gun Project was a problem-oriented policing initiative expressly aimed at taking on a serious, large-scale crime problem: homicide victimization among youths in Boston. Churches and community groups offered gang members services and other types of assistance to get out of the gang lifeIntervention operations involved cooperation between local police and federal law enforcement.Based on “pulling levers” deterrence strategy such as deportation, prison time for parole violations, to receiving a sentence for 10 years without parole



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