Emergency Management Scenario One

Emergency Preparedness Drill Final:The North River Flood

Team BCJA/375

Incident: City of Mertzville Flood

* Major portions of the city of Mertzville have been affected by sudden severe weather with hail and heavy rains. This has caused the North River to flood parts of the City . These incidents were reported across a large scale area. There has been an emergency declaration from the Mayor and a request to immediately respond and implement the Incident Command System (ICS) and emergency management response. * The North River flows south through the City of Mertzvile. The river flows through the entire town. This includes flowing past an industrial business park where several manufacturing plants and warehouses store various dangerous chemicals and much of the cities food storage, and the cities vibrant downtown riverfront district, which includes, shopping, restaurants, and condominiums. *This severe flooding has caused the North River to displace all businesses within one block of the river and some residences in the downtown riverfront area. The North River has not flooded in over 100 years and this event was unplanned. Therefore immediate action is needed and a large task is at hand.

Public information statement

The North River flows southwards through the City of Mertzvile. The flood along this river has never occurred for 100 years and therefore the flood that recently occurred was unplanned for.The flood affects the part of city where food warehouses, industries big shopping malls and restaurants are. It led to displacement of many residents.

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First Responders

Patrol officers – patrol the streets and use their microphone to relay messages to anyone who cannot hear any information via the news or SMS. Fire – setting up a parameter and putting up sand bags to prevent any further floodingEms – setting up triage and treating the injured

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Incident Command System (ICS)

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Full Range Incident Command Organizational Chart ICS. Org. Chart

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Social media approach and information dissemination

Social media are nowadays one of the fastest means of dissemination information.However, the government prohibits the sharing of information, pictures and images of aftermath of disasters such as floods.

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Traffic Plan

Traffic is always the most affected when floods occurIn the North River Flood, traffic flow was greatly affected by the unplanned disaster.In order to mitigate this situation, the relevant authorities directed the traffic to flow through routes that were not affected by floods.

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Evacuation Plan

According to National Incident Management System (2016), most of the people who were affected by the floods where evacuated to safer parts by the Red Cross and Rescue unit officers and others by good Samaritans.Since the flooding along the North River was sudden, many residents were got unaware.However, the response by Rescue unit officers and the Red Cross was recommendable.This lead to the evacuation of many people and thus reducing casualties. Images Emergency + Preparedness

Medical Plan

Floods are accompanied by health problems such as Pneumonia and Cholera.The government established a medical plan in order to tackle any health problems that may arise.Health officers were deployed in the area as a response to possible eruption of health issues.These health officers also treated those who were injury in the incident.

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Demobilization plan

The demobilization of emergency response equipment and personnel is done in the most effective and efficient manner possible

Demobilization Cont

Upon Demobilization all related equipment and property will be returned to the appropriate agency, and all rental equipment will be returned to the business.

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Mitigation concerns /Recovery Plan

Incident Command will assign rescue/recovery teams to work with City officials to make sure all displaced citizens are accounted for.

Restoration Cont.

Available crews will work to restore power to the City And/or provide generators to critical services when available.

Should there be national standards for emergency management operations plans at large-scale sporting events?

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Should there be national standards for emergency management operations plans at large-scale sporting events?

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How do you notify or give better response and evacuation instructions?

Amber alert type message through SMS (short message service)Sirens in the areaPatrol officer over a microphone telling everyone else the evacuation instructions

How do you deal with internal communications of those working in the explosive environment and may not be able to utilize radios/communication equipment?

Create an emergency communication command center within the EOCAssign a communications commander to oversee all communication activity and collect dataCreate a wireless/cell phone free communication system that can be used under stringent circumstances Coordinate logistics for communications with National Guard

What are your plans for documenting the event for future training and response approaches?How can training be improved for better response to future emergency preparedness and incidents?

Create a team of field journalist and field liaison Purchase data recording equipment such as cameras, camcorders, tape recorders, journals, pens and pencils Distribute necessary equipment to field journalistAssign one journalist to each response team as official recorder Creating an effective training module Review data for content and trainable materialExamine the causes/reasons behind the disasterOutline key elements (critical areas) of the disasterDevelop a preplan approach for the next possible disasterAssign key personnel to specific tasks and time linesConduct practice drills to become proficient in emergency response and rescue


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