Project intake for our SDLC – PowerPoint Presentation

Project intake for our SDLC

Changing our project intake will allow our various lines of business to plan, submit, & undertake their projects in a much more timely and efficient manner. Since different departments have different requirements for projects the intake process will be a general process. All project submissions will use TFS as the source of record so that there is accountability and record keeping throughout the project.

Our Current SDLC intake is broken and allows for multiple entry points for projects and work to be entered into TFS. This has caused duplicate efforts to occur with multiple departments and is costly for tax payers. This new intake process will help every line of business that submits projects. Our new system will compile all projects and they will be evaluated on whether they are new development, an enhancement, or a current production issue. This will give us one intake point into our Agile office and will be sent to the appropriate team to work on(Synotive, 2019).

I would like to create a tutorial on how the new project submission will work for the entire Agency. It will demonstrate the one intake method and how the projects will be evaluated and entered into TFS for the appropriate team to begin working on it (Synotive, 2019).

I have worked in our current SDLC process for 3 years as the Release Manager and have found that the process has many issues. After discussing with my team and various Stakeholders he all agreed the process needs overhauled. Since I am the current gatekeeper of the SDLC it has become my number one priority to streamline the process and make it easier to use (Synotive, 2019).

I have over 10 years of experience in Project management. I also have 16 years of experience in our Agency and was one of the first 10 people to develop our agile framework. The skills that I have gained over the years have given me a unique opportunity to see the entire process and ways to make it much more efficient. I work well with our various lines of business and pride myself on my communication skills with all of our stakeholders.

This project has been a collective effort between our Agile Value Office and our Project Management Office. Our coordinated and collaboration have given us a comprehensive overview of the problems with our current process and ways to make major improvements from the start to finish of every project. This will eliminate dual efforts and save time and money on all of our projects.

Projects entered into TFS by type

Projects Submitted

New Development(Epic)


Production Issue(User Story)

Items entered into the Product Backlog

Backlog Prioritized

Development Teams use backlog to sprint plan

Yes/ Code will be deployed at the end of sprint 1

Work CompleteY/N

Sprint 2 starts and development work continues

Development complete

Sprint 3 work begins

Release Wrap up meeting

AAR Completed with lessons learned

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