CM220 Unit 2 Assignment

Unit 2 Assignment

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Unit 2 Assignment

One of the advantages of persuasive writing in a personal context is being able to connect with the reader from a personal perspective. In my opinion this is one of the best ways to reach your audience because it allows you to show an emotion that they can relate to. For example, one way I have used persuasive writing was by texting a friend and giving him advice on his current marital issues. I could tell that he was troubled and needed guidance, but I didn’t know how to go about reaching him. So I began by asking him questions about why he got married and told him he should write a list of everything that has been bothering him. In addition, while writing this list to think about what he likes and doesn’t like about her and the consequences he would face if he were to leave. In my experience, in order to come to a common resolution during a disagreement you have to have a form of communication and in what better way than with words.

Another way to use persuasive communication is in a professional setting. Currently, I work for a nuclear security company, and our main objective is to protect the plant from radiological sabotage. In order to do this each year we have drills for security officers to test their knowledge of our protective strategy in case of catastrophic events. Additionally, we have created a team of adversaries to assist in this process. An adversaries mission is to primarily to attack the plant and reach target set, and the security officers have to be able to prevent them from doing so. During these drill we have several forms of communication, but the one in particular that relates to persuasive communication is what we call “spoofing”. Spoofing is an act to mislead the enemy into thinking something other than the truth or to lead them in the wrong direction. By using this method we were able to make target set and show signs of weakness in our protective strategy.

In conclusion, the last form of persuasive communication is the scholarly approach. For example, trying to find a topic or generate ideas for a weekly paper in your college composition class. According to the unit 2 reading and seminar, a few ways to find a topic or generate ideas is by communicating through listening, talking, social media, and the local community. Start by finding a subject that grasp your attention, and make it easier to put your ideas into context. Nowadays we live in a modern society where everything and everyone relies on social media to communicate. Instead of social media being a negative influence, make it a positive one and use it for a potential resource.