CMGT 430 Week 2 Individual Applying Risk Management Consulting

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Risk Management Consultation


Risk Management

Goal of Risk Management

Focus of Risk Management

Physical SecurityData SecurityOperations

Organizations Assets Within Our System

{073A0DAA-6AF3-43AB-8588-CEC1D06C72B9}System ComponentsRisk Management ComponentsPeople-People Inside an Organization-People Outside an Organization-Trusted employees-Other Staff-People at Trusted Organizations-StrangersProcedures-Procedures-IT and Business Standard Procedures-IT and Business Sensitive ProceduresData-Data/Information-Transmission-Processing-StorageSoftware-Software-Applications-Operating Systems-Security ComponentsHardware-Hardware-Systems and Peripherals-Security DevicesNetworking-Networking Component-Intranet Components-Internet or Extranet Components

Example Sets

{073A0DAA-6AF3-43AB-8588-CEC1D06C72B9}VulnerabilityRiskMitigationDenial of ServiceInadequate network management Implement firewall hardware and softwareMalicious Code No anti-virus software Install anti-virus protection Theft and Fraud Lack of physical security Install CCTV, cameras


Whitman, M.E., & Mattord, H.J. (2010). Management of Information Security (4th ed.). Retrieved from Management of Information Security

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