International Plastics Network Description

At the current rate the network infrastructure of International Plastic is going there is a high percentage of catastrophic failure in the near future. If in the event of a failure of such magnitude productivity or even total loss of data is not a question of how much but when. In addition, security is another factor, as equipment gets older and hackers get smarter they gain the ability to locate vulnerabilities. Each diagram provides a visual aspect of what should be done to prevent the potential failure that can be.

Currently International Plastics has a T2 internet connection from Pontiac, MI and Albany, NY to the Main headquarters. Also, the main headquarters and China location has a T3 connection to the internet. The recommended upgrade would to standardize all connections to an OC3 with VPN. This will provide the bandwidth and security to allow the organization to grow further. In addition, the removal of the satellite connection was introduced. The backbone of the organization was also upgraded to accommodate for future growth. The back bone is 10GBaseT with CaT6 cabling to desktops to minimize latency and increase productivity. Standardization of VoIP across the infrastructure was implemented, in addition to a PBX server. New computers across the organization were also implemented, changing out desktops for laptops for corporation office and marketing. I have added wireless access points for mobility throughout the organization.

To provide scalability I have introduced a LAN for printers. This will provide isolation in the event of a network interruption. R&D also was given an upgrade by upgrading the backbone to 10GBaseT with and addition to an OSX Server, WAP, and MAC Books. Separation of R&D form the rest of the network allows for less interruption, latency, and scalability. There is a major drawback to upgrading the infrastructure, it is cost. An upgrade like this cannot be measured in the thousands but millions. Time is another aspect that does play a factor. Downtime is not an option when upgrading the network.