CMGT 555 CRM Design Proposal

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CRM Design Proposal


CRM – Customer Relationship ManagementIt is a strategy for managing relationship between the company and it’s customers with potentially new customers (Kostojohn, Paulen & Johnson, 2011). It streamlines processes and increases proffitability.


CRM Design Approach

The recommended design approach is user interface designUser Interface Design is geared more towards the user.Focuses on user familiarity and flowUsers get more form the CRM system.

Choice of User Interface

User interface was chosen for multiple reasons, they include;SimplicityFamiliarity Consistency with other CRM the customers might have used with other companies since it is popularBetter user interaction Users can easily discover other useful features they might not have discovered otherwise.Pattern Based design good when developing the software itself but when centering the design around the users, user interface takes a priority.

User Interface

Steps and Processes


A user interface consistent with user expectationsWorking CRMAdaptable CRM Room for growth and expansion.

Output Expected

WeLoveVideo, Inc Storyboard

User Interface Screen Layout

User Interface Pros and Cons



Simplicity – Easy to exploreConsistent with user expectationThere’s the benefit of WYSIWYGIt requires just a click and a simple illustration for users to understandIt is attractive to the user

It becomes complex if there is a lot of content and users might miss some crucial steps hence being stuck.New users may fond it overwhelming.Making the changeover will slow down the process for some time

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