CMGT 555 Individual Customer Success Story

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WeLoveVideo, Inc Customer Success Story


WeLoveVideo, Inc is a video sharing and viewing based platform.It relies on user subscription as their revenue modelIt has various departments ranging from Marketing, customer support and technical departmentTheir system was redesigned to meet their needs now and in future


Description of the Systems Project

WeLoveVideo, Inc was interested in offering their customers with better support and better video viewing and sharing experienceA focus on the user was the main goalThis was achieved by developing a system that integrated together the marketing department, customer support and the users to offer a seamless experience so that customers could easily get what ever they wanted. This lead to better customer experience, more customers enrolling in the WeLoveVideo, Inc platform and at the long run revenue increased.

Description of the Systems Project

Justification behind Agile SDLC

Agile SDLC was chosen because of it’s advantages over other methods and suitability for this specific project. The reasons include: Ability to adapt to changesVisibility of project detailsAbility to scaleIncreased team efficiency

Business Goals of the Project

Customer satisfaction and retentionBetter Customer supportIncreased customer subscriber baseIncreased revenueNew opportunities

Immediate increase in user interactions with the systemMore videos were watched per user More time was spent on the site by a user since they could easily find videos of their interest easily recommended to them.

WeLoveVideo, Inc Project Results

Increased user base Increasing revenueWeLoveVideo, Inc had a budget of $150,000

Project Results

WeLoveVideo, Inc Storyboard

Visit HomepageLog in View video recommendation based on watch historyView video tutorial on how to use the new websiteContact support if they need helpMake a subscriptionLog out

Storyboard Steps

Higher User turn aroundMore engagement with customer support representativesBetter financial sourcesHigher customer retention


Machine leaning capabilityArtificial intelligence uptakeExpansion to far off geographical location Using content delivery network in future

Future Impact

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