CMGT 555 SDLC Comparison

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SDLC Comparison


Waterfall Model

Feasibility of Waterfall Model

It is impossible to use Waterfall model for WeLoveVideo, Inc . CRM would not work well with waterfall modelCRM involves many stakeholders thus impossible to be completely done with one phase.

Agile SDLCs

Feasibility of Agile SDLCs

Agile SDLCs works and fits perfectly to WeLoveVideo, Inc CRM CRM’s continuously changing and incrementing perfectly with Agile SDLC.More features can be added in future. Easy to develop and modify according to customer needs

Stake Holder Expectation

Pros and Cons of Waterfall Model



Clearly defines stages Easy to use Well documentedThe rigidity of stages makes it easy to manageCompletion of phases happen at once . (Oshana,2016). .

No working software till the end of the project. Prone to bugsDifficult to measure progress at a stage.Cannot accommodate changing requirements. Highly risky and uncertain. (Oshana, 2016).

Pros and Cons of Agile SDLCs



Realistic approach in software development. Allows flexibilityPromotes teamworkAllows for changes as the product is being developed. Accommodates newer features during development. (Oshana, 2016)

Minimal documentation means higher individual dependency. Changing team members can be quite a challenge considering the minimalism in documentation.Fewer selected customers at the beginning may lead developers to developing a product that is of no use to many customers. (Oshana, 2016)


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