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IT has turned into a vital component to make opportunities, advancement and game changer. On the other hand, it involves intrinsic danger identified with privacy, uprightness and accessibility of data that obliges consideration. COBIT 5 gives a far reaching structure that helps associations to attain to their objectives and make esteem through viable IT.

Tips for implementing continuous process improvement using COBIT 5 are:

Obtaining the support of key management personnel: The major factor which decides whether COBIT application will be a success or a failure in your organization.

Understanding business market and then the relevant factor which may affect the ability to achieve goal: Whether one is occupied with a review or actualizing IT administration, an administrative framework or a constant change activity, before beginning, one need to comprehend the hierarchical connection and partners’ necessities.

Identify Problem area: Recognizable proof makes the yearning for change at the administrative level as the beginning stage for IT administration activities.

Focus on immediate targets and prioritize the implementations which help easy to implement: Speedy wins to assemble validity. Among the different change choices, organize those that are most gainful while additionally considering that it is important to give fleeting results; in this manner, select the least demanding to execute.

When planning with COBIT compliance project, Risk management is the key area which is likely to be problematic to implement. The two possible solutions for this problematic area are:

Identification of risk: The process of risk management starts with risk identification. Risk is like an event, once triggered can cause serious problems. Hence its identification is important and the source of risk should be always targeted.

Mitigation of risk using available tech human and organizational resources: After identification, mitigation plans should be adopted to reduce or eradicate the risk. There are also options of risk sharing, risk reduction, risk retention and risk avoidance.


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